Saturday, August 12, 2023

Instead of a 'hot' tub, they should have a 'cold' tub! !

Boogie board races! Emma and Lilah, on the right, look like they have a strategy.

Wow is it hot down here in Texas. A little cooler today (Sat.) with a high of 97° but that humidity! At 8 a.m. it's 85 but feels like 100°. We have Reflectix in all of the windows with shades drawn, insulating cushions in the vent and skylights, no oven use, and both a/c units running continously during the day to keep the temperature not quite 20° cooler than the outside. The most commonly heard phrase? "Go out quickly together and CLOSE THE DOOR!" 

We first went to Colton's when we lived in Arkansas. I can no longer have it, but their potato soup is the best. 

The Strawberry Pecan Salad was fabulous!

Not really sure what this was but it was huge and there were a lot of them at the Texas Welcome Center.

We stayed at a Core Of Engineers Campground near Little Rock, AR. With our America the Beautiful Pass it was only $14/night. Pinnacle Mountain S.P. was next door. Lots of trails we could have hiked but it was raining.

Pinnacle Mountain

Little Maumelle River

Getting close to finishing the second quilt top from the Doan Girls' Retreat from this past April. Two borders to go.

The RV Park we're at near our son's. It houses Pepe, one of the Seabrook Pelican sculptures.

The pool water was plenty warm.

Emma and Lilah are both in High School Marching Band. We attended the parents preview for the upcoming season performance. There are a LOT of very dedicated kids in this band group. The parents were invited to join the group and see just how much the kids had to learn. Then they gave it a try! 

Pat made another attempt at "dash" cookies.  They turned out better than the first attempt. At 104° the temperature on the dash was nearly 180°. It took 3 hours.

This time Pat learned he should start with freshly made cookie dough. We froze part of our last batch and he tried using that. He thawed it but it was still cold. Also, probably best to make smaller cookies.
Where are the Piepers now? Seabrook, TX

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