Monday, November 27, 2023

Houston has an underground pedestrian tunnel system. Stretching 6 miles, it is 20 feet underground.

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Two busy weeks in Houston followed by a week at Canyon Lake, TX for a family Thanksgiving vacation. After Boston and then Houston it seems a little dull in the RV, or at least it will once we get rested  up! 😉 

We arrived a couple of days early to see the final High School Marching Band Contest. LaPorte has a large and successful band. In the video Emma is left on the stage and Lilah is on the field. These bands were unlike any that I remember and were top notch.

Lilah skipped school lunch to have a mini 15th birthday party with her Mom and all 4 visiting grandparents. Next up was the Veterans Day celebrations. We made it to both the High School and Junior High programs.

Emma on the left and Lilah on the right.

Alexa is in the Juniot High band

The last LaPorte High School Football game.  With a new stadium being built, all of their games were away this year. Several busses to take the band members, plus trailers to carry instruments and props. Next year they add a semi to their entourage.

Lilah chose  "Let's Roam" for her birthday party and then dinner at The POST. I think it was the most spread out scavenger hunt I've been on. We walked a LOT and learned a lot about downtown Houston.

Geometric Mouse X is an abstract mouse located by the Houston Library. 

Penzoil Place was completed in 1975. We had to stop here to answer a question on the scavenger hunt. The unique trapezoidal silhouette made it the first skyscraper of the Post-Modern Era.

In 1854 the male debaters of Houston opened the Lyceum (first library) to paying males. 30 years later the membership opened to women. In 1904 the Lyceum combined with the city library when this Carnegie Library Building was completed.

The POST was a Post Office. It has an interesting history being built where Grand Central Station had been. It was built in 1961 during the time when there was a cultural, technological  and military contest with the USSR, so it had some unique design elements. Decommissioned as a Post Office in 2015 it is now a multi-use complex. We ate dinner at the POST MARKET which includes over 30 diverse food venders. 

Hard to believe the older two girls have boyfriends. They certainly have found the cream of the crop.

Our first Thanksgiving dinner was at Bayshore Baptist Church.

Literacy night at Clara's school. Lots of fun reading activities and, of course, a book fair. Lunch at school is always fun. Clara requested Whataburger.

Pat said the Leanne Morgan concert was more of a "girls night out." There were quite a few gentlemen in the audience though. I thought she was hilarious. 

Clara invited her parents and both sets of Grandparents to Breakfast with Buddies.

Clara and Alexa spent one night in the RV. They spent a lot of time in the heated pool. Air temperatures were in the low 60's.

They can take such fun classes. Emma made a turkey in Flower Arranging.

LaMar University in Beaumont, TX hosted High School Band day. 300 high school band students from 32 schools joined their band comprised of 200. They all met, in their own high school uniforms, at 7 a.m. on a Sat. for a day of learning songs and steps. In the middle of the afternoon they marched to the stadium stopping once to play along the way. They were intermingled with the college kids and sat in the stands and played for the first half as well as participating in the half-time show. It was AMAZING! What an opportunity. Lilah, a high school freshman was a participant.


Where are the Piepers now? Kingsville, Tx

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