Friday, November 3, 2023

Did you know that in the late1700's the British Navy added lemon or lime juice to the rum rations to prevent scurvy?

The prime time for colors is gone but I still have enjoyed what's left of the fall scenery on this trip. What I don't like is this cold weather! Not one bit. I know it's temporary but that doesn't make my joints hurt any less. Weds. in Fort Payne, AL was 28°, Thursday night in Laurel, MS 34°, and by the time we get to Houston on Friday more seasonable temperatures. 

Los Arcos was right near the WalMart we stayed at Monday.

Our granddaughter Lilah will turn 15 soon and she always says she wants an old truck. Maybe not this old?

Thanks so much to our Harvest Host Thursday night, Wildcat Brothers Distilling in Lafayette, LA. Tait, one of the owners, went above and beyond with a tour, rum history and tasting. If you go this way you will want to stop by!

I don't think this was a record, but 5 days boondocking has been the longest
 we've gone in a while. When we pulled into our RV Park Friday we both were looking forward to a proper shower!!

The site of the distillery used to house 4 different restaurants. The former owner has a small herd of deer that we could watch from our front window. They watched us too.

Out our dining window we had a view of a pond and lots of wildlife, including a pair of peacocks. I asked Pat what would make them open their tail feathers. I don't think he really knew but he said, "act like you want to mate." I thought I'd just enjoy them as they were!

They make French style rum using pure cane sugar for each batch. English style rum uses the black strap molasses from the sugar cane. They opened in 2011 and have the first distillery license issued since prohibition. 

Rum fermenting tanks

There's a ton and a half of pure cane sugar in this bag that they purchase locally. 

Their original still

Tait explained how they make the rum and how it is separated into the heads (good as a cleaning product), the hearts (that is the rum),  and the tails. They are working on ways to utilize all of the end products. 

They do it all from start to bottling.

Tank holding the heads

We sampled white rum, spiced rum, and aged rum. 

Tait also showed us how to make a great lime daiquiri! He told us many stories. 

Iowa, Louisiana is part of the Lake Charles metropolitan area and had a population near 3,500.

The girls were surprised to see us.  We traveled hard in order to get here in time to see the final Marching Band competition Saturday. It's great to be in shorts again.  Highs in the upper 70's and at 9 p.m. it's still 64°.
Where are the Piepers now? Houston, TX

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