Tuesday, October 31, 2023

800 miles of scenery

A rarity for us, 400 miles and through several states each day. Of course Mon. morning we were barely in Maryland and West Virginia.

Sun.:  MA, CT, NY and PA

Mon.: PA, MD, WV, VA, and TN

We had rain all day Sunday.  Monday sun, at least in the morning, with highs around 75°. Terrible winds all day.  Clouds are rolling in this afternoon for possibly more rain and definitely a cold front. Tonight's low near 40°. When we took this route 5 years ago it also got colder the further south we went! Hmmm, what's the common denominator here? We spent most of the day alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Hartford, CT

Let's throw a little fog in with rain. 

Thanks to Cracker Barrel in Carlisle, PA for our Sunday night stop.

Just passed the Mason-Dixon line.

There's a "Martin Plover" in the new Sara Paretsky novel. Years ago I wouldn't have given a second thought on how to pronounce it. Now I wonder, does it rhyme with "lover?" 

Thanks to Cabela's in Bristol, TN for welcoming us Monday night. There were at least 3 RVs and 2 semis joining us. Rain again!

Where are the Piepers now? Bristol, TN

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