Saturday, October 7, 2023

Then there were 10...

Final breakfast was a bag to go.

Had so much fun at the Thor Diesel Rally this past week. The Rally Masters did a fantastic job. Pat and I  learned some things and met lots of wonderful people.

The Rally ended on Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon there were only 10 of us left at the Fairgrounds. With the end of the Rally also went the 80° weather. Saturday had a high of 54° with rain. Our next two days here won't be any better.

I don't look very happy. The actual shots don't phase me but I usually get pretty sick for a day or two, always have. Friday was no exception! On the bright side, just through today, Walgreens gave you $20 store credit (no dairy, alcohol or prescriptions) per vaccination for up to three shots with a $1 each purchase. Total store credit for the two of us, $80, plus I scored m&m's for my two $1 purchases.
Every day was full of seminars, activities, food, and social activities.

Thursday night we played LCR.

The winner at each table moved to the championship table where one person took home all of the quarters.

One day a telephone pole in the fairgrounds fell down taking out our power for a while. It was warm so generators were running. 

After the costume party Wednesday we had a DJ and some dancing. I tried a little peach moonshine. It was good, very smooth and strong stuff. I tried some Cognac. I liked it, Pat didn't. Either way it ate through the paper cup!

Each coach received a welcome mat.
Where are the Piepers now? Goshen, IN

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