Sunday, October 1, 2023

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination." -- Henry Thoreau

My favorite Outta this World themed sculpture, Where's Pluto?  Artist was Kiley Price.

Visited one of my favorite towns Sunday. I always joke and say Nappanee, IN feels like home because we have spent so much time near there at the Thor Service Center over the past 4+ years. Just a "few" repairs!

Over the 5+ years that the sculpture program has been in place there have been over 125 sculptures on display in downtown Nappanee. Each year or so a new theme is unveiled by the Nappanee Arts Council, and the previous sculptures are moved to the Art Trail. Sculptures that are Outta this World are begining to show up. Artists are sponsored by individuals, groups or businesses. I look forward to this every visit. 

Thank you to our Harvest Host Solar Energy Systems in Nappanee for letting us spend Sunday night.

They're were only two of us there. 

We appeared to be parked next to a popular buggy route. Even saw one couple go by in a golf cart.

In 2017 there were nearly 6,000 in the Amish community in this area.

Wander, artist Brian VanVoorst 

Gen-Y Heavy, artists Mike Slabaugh and Andy Hochstetler 

Fernweh, artists Jennifer and Eric Tompos

Rodger, artist Brandon Hochstetler

Tomorrow, artists E. Yoder, E. Mullet and N. Krass

Coppes Commons was originally the Coppes Factory for quality kitchen cabinets and Hoosiers around the turn of the 20th century. It is being renovated to house local specialty shops. They have completed so much since we were there two years ago and added quite a few shops.


Where are the Piepers Now? Goshen, IN

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