Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle is the rarest species of sea turtle and the world's most endangered.

"Rovin Rotarian," by Kathy VanDewalli was located at the Joe Jamail Bay Park.

We kind of found "Coach," by Tracy Van Horn Reed at Shield Park. The base was there but the turtle was not. Maybe some vandalism?

We found "Lady Gem's Tea by the Sea," by Jane Young French, at the Turtle Island Restoration Network.

"Sangha," at Island Salt Air Yoga was created by Catherine Stroud. 

Any idea what these are for? We had to find someone at East Beach to find out.

Fort San Jacinto Historical Point was constructed in 1901 and was decommissioned in 1959. Hurricanes have destruction everything except for one gun emplacement.

Honoring Guy Taylor, a marine Corp veteran, who played taps  from his balcony for 5 years for friends he lost in battle. 

"Wiggy," Jane Young French

"Unamed," by Kristie Baker-Barlow.

"Mystique," by Janovi  Mahimtura Folmsbee

Serenity Now," by Loretta and Jeff Uzick. The last turtle for now. We are just missing two turtle sculptures that were vandalized!

When we traded our couch in for theater seating we did temporary flooring under it.  This week Pat put in LVP to match our dinette floor. 

Oops! I fell last week. I wasn't sure if the pain in my foot might be related to the toenail they removed a week prior so I went in. Nope, I rebroke my little toe right at the bottom, right where I broke it a month ago.  She did pretty much what I did the first time, splint it and stabilize the foot. 

Thursday night the La Porte, TX middle school band performed a practice concert for an upcoming contest. Alexa is the blonde clarinet player.

Where are the Piepers now? Galveston, TX

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