Thursday, February 1, 2024

Another beautiful beach to explore!

Well, it didn't take us long to find another beach!  We didn't stay here last year and boy have things changed. It's so sad, the dunes are basically gone here at the park. The beach is flat with no sand blowing or moving at all because there is none to do so. Two years ago you would find sand piled under the boardwalks. The dunes are important in preserving the island and providing habitat for various critters. 

The boardwalks look silly, sad, and unnecessary without any sand. 

Near our RV Park they have hauled in sand and planted dune grass to restore the dunes. 

In the past erosion was threatening homes down the beach and they worked hard to try and correct that, basically saving homes. The beach was lined with sand fences, just like snow fences, to keep the sand that they hauled in from blowing away. They planted dune grass on that sand too. At our park office she said "they" were supposed to be doing something at the park too, but...

We traveled into Houston Monday night to visit Eric and his family. 

Galveston hosts the third largest Mardis Gras celebration in the country. For two weeks there will be parades, live concerts, and over 3 million beads! 

Beach house in the Mardis Gras mood.

The sea wall, protecting most of Galveston begins next to the park. The past two days have been so calm, hardly any wind. 

Our Wisconsin friends, that we met in Florida last winter, also arrived in the park on Monday. It's a little chiller here than in South Padre. Upper 60's during the day but 50's at night.

Wednesday night we made a visit to my favorite restaurant. We also went to Home Cut Donuts in the morning. I was in heaven. Tomorrow? Better food choices!

Beads all over Coastal Grill.

They have a large variety of food but I always get 'The Strand,' fish Tacos with mangoes and so much more. Pat got the same plus Brussel sprouts. 🤮
Where are the Piepers now? Dellanera RV Park, Galveston, TX

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