Monday, January 29, 2024

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." ~~Dr. Suess

Pat and I are always home, right? Because home is 'wherever we park it.'  As usual though, whenever we stay some place longer than a month as we do during the winter months, I get a little attached. It's just hard to move on. Even tougher this year because South Padre is one of my favorite places. A favorite place, however, does not mean it's necessarily a place I would like to live all of the time. But I still get a little sad and shed a few tears. But it also means it's time to head towards family and friends which brings smiles!

Since we've been stationary so long Pat went through a mental check-list trying to make sure we didn't forget to do something. We have final things to do Sunday, dump, hook up the car, and things like that but I think we're ready. Oh, and one more trip to the beach! We have a good 7 1/2 - 8 hour drive that we'll divide between 2 days.  

We're on our way to Galveston, another favorite spot. That means we'll get to see Eric, Toni and four of the grandkids. This year we'll also be meeting Pat's sister, her husband, and Lisa/Terry (Wisconsin), who we met last year in Florida. And it's Mardis Gras time!

First travel day found us stopping in Refugio, TX for the night.

Such a nice city RV park. What a find Pat thought. 🚂s all night long and their whistles were a' blowin', lol!

We were sent right through, this car had 6 agents going through it. 

Causeway leaving South Padre heading to Port Isabel.

I did take my customary final beach walk Sunday. 

Boot Camp??? The young gentlemen dressed all in black below were at the south pavilion early Sat. and Sun. morning. Their boom box was a boomin' music in a language I wasn't familiar with.

One weekend in Jan. and again in Feb. the convention center offers Market Days. Lots of venders with just about anything you might want.

Pat's in line.

I purchased a small wooden/epoxy turtle.

Luna, by Ariel King, represents the endless miles a sea turtle travels through the waves of the ocean, under the beautiful stars and  moon. Luna was located at the convention center.

Where are the Piepers now? Refugio, TX


  1. What a wonderful experience you had there this trip and how exciting to be able to soon share it with grandkids!!!! Laurie