Sunday, January 28, 2024

A beautiful evening to close out our winter stay.

A great night for a sunset catamaran dinner cruise. Thanks Chris! 

Friday was beautiful! What a great evening to celebrate the end of our stay at South Padre. We spent two hours cruising the coast with live music on-board. Dinner included grilled shrimp, fish, fajitas and fresh fruit. We enjoyed chatting with two couples who just happened to both be from Minnesota.

Turtles were not the only sea creatures affected by the cold spell we had.

Friday morning we went to Boca Chica State Park. To get to the park you drive right through the middle of the SpaceX facilities. That means if SpaceX is doing anything that requires a road closure you can't get to the state park. Before we left Pat did check for road closures. Despite all of the promise of the best shells, the beach had none to share with us that day. We still had a nice walk on the beach and it was amazing to see how much the SpaceX facilities had changed in just two years.

Boca Chica is just across the bay from us but to get there you have to drive to Brownsville and nearly double back.

SpaceX building facilities are on one side of the road. 

Further down the road on the other side are the launch facilities.

5 minutes from the launch site is the state park. 

View of SpaceX launch facilities from Boca Chica State Park.

The rocket that "hopped." Originally SpaceX began testing by sending rockets up just a short ways and trying to reland them in what became referred to as "hops."  

On our way back we could see that the building facility on the left had a rocket in it and the middle building had a booster.

I'm not sure which picture (this one or the one below) was on the way in and which was on the way out but something changed. 

Saw this vessel headed into the bay by our RV park. According to some pictures on Google it may be used in helping to install off-shore windfarms, but Google has misled me before.

Much to Pat's dismay I decided our Sleep Number bed needed to be totally dismantled and cleaned.
Where are the Piepers now? South Padre Island, TX

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