Monday, January 1, 2024

With a new year comes a fresh start and a responsibility--to do better and to be better!

This was made when the area was dry with tidal pools surrounding it.  As the ocean covered the land it appears to be swimming. 

Most people know I'm not an adventurous eater. Yes, I know I'm being overly kind to myself with that statement. We have found a local fish market we like, however, and Pat has barbecued tuna steaks, shrimp and on Sat. Mahi-Mahi. The latter we had blackened on fish Tacos with cabbage and in my case topped with my favorite, mango salsa.

I don't usually do New Year resolutions but I did challenge myself to read more last year.  I felt successful. From when I started keeping track till yesterday I read over 40 books which included 3 cozy mystery quilting series. I still have 3 to go in the third series but only because Libby doesn't have them yet.

Pat has a New Year Resolution, to win the Powerball today. He either makes it or breaks it tonight. Pretty sure I know how it ends!🤣

I started another quilting mystery series last week, "A Hadley Carroll Mystery," by Bruce Leonard. It's set in Paducah during the enormous AQS Quilt Week held every April. Several quilters, including "the best of show" winner were killed in this story. Despite this, I just made plans to attend the 2024 show. If I don't make it back...

SATURDAY: From sunrise to sunset

Under these bumps are ghost shrimp, mainly it seems, used as bait. Most days you'll see a few although not as pronounced as these. Frequently people will be sucking them out of the shallow water. Today their were thousands, no millions, of them all over the beach.

Also ghost shrimp (I think).

A wedding

This is why they say not to feed the seagulls.

SUNDAY: A beautiful day. A south, but warm wind around 70°. People, many here for the holiday weekend, just having fun.

Not often I remember seeing the bottom under the water. 

Maybe song lyrics by Patrick Mayberry???

Jesus Christ of the Fisherman statue in the bay is across from our site and has many visitors. Shrimp boats often stop and pray and try to get a blessing as they head out to sea.

The statue has many plaques honoring those lost at sea.  

This greeted me at the beach New Year's morning. Our RV is only a couple hundred feet away from the boardwalk and beach.  I didn't make it out quite early enough to see the sun come up but I only missed it by maybe 15 minutes. A little hazy but that burned off quickly, the sun came out, and the near 70° temperatures were humid and hot. I couldn't take my fleece off though because, like Walmart shoppers, I still had my pajamas on (at least I covered them up!). I completed 7,000 steps anyway and picked up a few shells.

No Pat, I am absolutely not collecting any more shells!😁
Where are the Piepers now? South Padre Island, TX

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