Sunday, January 7, 2024

Inspiration comes from not only within ourselves, but also from watching life around us. – Anthony T.Hincks

Shirt #2. Eric and Toni gave me a similar shirt early on in our travels and I wore it out! They gave me a new one for Christmas.

I get more exercise here than anywhere. I never tire of walking on the beach and often do it more than once each day. It's even the same path most days, maybe a little longer or shorter, but always a different view, different weather, new people to meet.

It's interesting picking out different people, those that live here, winter here, and those that come for a short get-a-way. Some are joggers, walkers, bikers, water lovers, or just "relaxers". My favorite to watch are the families playing, swimming, or simply enjoying each other. I often wonder if these activities make them more interactive when they go home or do they fall back into their busy routines? Are these the same families that sit around their living rooms or at restaurants absorbed in their phones or video games and not each other? Or do they find here, and keep, the importance of being a family? I wonder...

The wind, temperature, and sun make the weather here interesting and unpredictable. The temperatures range from the 50's to 70's, varying only a few degrees from day to night. The wind and sun can majorly change the climate of the day so temperature isn't the major factor. Out of the north it's usually a strong wind and cold if the sun's under, but surprisingly warm to hot if the sun comes out. 

Saturday morning it was 55°(unusually low) when I left for my 8 a.m. walk. The sun was out and a light wind out of the north. I looked out to check the "forecast". Some were in shorts and no coats. Far northerners seem to rarely wear anything but shorts so that's a tricky predictor. I went with popular dress, long pants and a jacket. I actually I went with 2 light jackets. At 55° with the sun and light winds it was HOT! I had both jackets off and wished I had shorts on. This past week we did have a couple of chilly days though. 

I like to guess where people come from or what "type" they are. This group ran in quickly together, turned around and ran back out. I'd guess weekend vacationers who didn't come all this way and not get in the water.

One day the beach was littered with Portuguese Man O' War.

Notice the person on the right in summer attire and the group far left with coats. 

This little guy was having the best time digging a deep hole with his Dad.

Three girls at 8 a.m. Do you suppose you could drag them out of bed at this hour at home?

My usual beach walk, give or take. My longest walk this week was 12.5 miles. Saturday morning it was nice to have Pat meet me on my way back.
Where are the Piepers now? South Padre, TX

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