Tuesday, February 2, 2021

10, 9, 8, 7... 🚀

Blast off

Today was finally a go and what a show!  It took off a little later than expected, partially because they found a truck still in the area that was suppose to have been evacuated.  A little blurry and the only picture I have of  SpaceX SN9.

We were told, and it's true, forget trying to take pictures or videos.  You can Google SpaceX SN9 and see pre-launch, launch, flight, and the fiery crash  videos and pictures much better than I could have taken.  Watching is what needed to be done.  It was so impressive. It gave me goosebumps!

When it started to descend it did a belly flop, as it was suppose to, and as it started to right itself for the landing it just kept going over, past vertical, and crashed.  We saw the fireball when it crashed and several seconds later we heard the loud sound.  One of the three engines didn't work.

SN10 is suppose to launch later this month.  If it does we will be there!

There was a larger group of Iowans, but most people at our spot in Port Isabel were spread out.  Many were like us and had been there several times hoping for a SN9 launch.   Many had seen other launches.

Monday night was movie night at our park.  We saw "UP," a movie we both really enjoyed.  They handed out popcorn prior.  They had 2 food trucks along with The Fudge Lady."

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  1. It was so neat to see. I hope we get to see another one before we leave.