Friday, February 26, 2021

A glimpse of RV park life for a week, part 1.

I was not lucky with the cards at the poker run.

What is it like in a "winter" RV park?  Well, this is our first year, and from what we've heard, this is certainly not a "normal" year with all of the Covid restrictions.

This is a very friendly park and everyone helps one another.  Our park, or so we've heard, is usually filled with games and various social activities in the halls, ALL OF THE TIME.  This year there is social distancing, masks, and indoor gatherings are kept to a minimum from both park, local and state directives because of Covid.  The activity director has done a great job providing social activities even with Covid.  Most are outside.   The pool and inside activities all have restrictions on the number of people who can be in there at the same time because of Covid.

There are also activities that are led by park residents such as pickleball tournaments, a bocce ball group, woodworking club, race car group, water aerobics, a couple of Bible study groups, a blanket making group that donates to an area hospital, and more.  They have had some of those this year but those have been curtailed too.

The food trucks have changed some over the course of our stay but some have been here every week.  We frequented them more at the beginning of our stay, but it's nice to have something available.  It has ranged from $7-$10 a plate and often we share one.

This week has been a little busier than some.  There were make-up activities from last week's winter storm and we have just been here more this week.. Sunday started our week with a free concert. Dave and Daphne from Nashville provided an entertaining 2-hour concert in the afternoon. We had been in South Padre so we only caught the end.  It seems on Sat. and Sun. park led activities are usually pretty non-existent here so that was unusual. 

Monday from 10-12 I had my fourth quilt class.  Our class is taught by a park resident who is a former Home Ec teacher/University Extension employee. It is the only inside event we have participated in.  They also have weekly BINGO and church services inside.  

Baby quilt is ready to be quilted.

Monday was busy and included a history walk within the park.  Signs with local history trivia were found throughout the park that answered the 5 trivia questions.  Those participating could enter a contest for prizes.  We have till Fri. to turn in our answers.

In the afternoon we attended the monthly poker run.  Most were in golf carts, some walked, and like us, some rode their bikes.  We had Krikkit in-tow. There were 5 stations around the  outside of the park where you chose a card to comprise your "poker hand."  We both ended up with one pair, not enough to win.  Anyone who registered for the event did received a Butterfinger, which made me happy x 2 (Pat gave his to me).

At that same time the Vegie man was in the parking lot with his weekly vegie and fruit cart.  I got a small bag of beer nuts, 3 huge carrots (they were delicious), a medium squash, 3 bananas and iceberg lettuce for $5.  Prices are very reasonable. 

Monday evening we had the opportunity for dinner at the food truck "Food Coma" from 4-6.  The Fudge Lady had her wares for sale then too.  We abstained his week and Pat grilled chicken.  As soon as it was dark the weekly outdoor movie began, "To Kill a Mockingbird," with Gregory Peck. It was a chilly evening but we made it, and surprisingly, I had a little nap.😴  A busy day that included a fall with my sewing machine and a painful bee sting.  I survived both.  

Tuesday morning Pat built a guard rail for our overhead bed to keep little ones from falling out.   I covered it with cargo netting. It will velcro on the bottom so we can disassemble it for storage.  In the afternoon we had another free Nashville entertainer, Rusty Rierson.  He spent 2 hours entertaining us with songs and humor.  He is a country western singer, but had a diversified song list. We had dinner with the Boston crew after, which included watching an episode of Duck Tails.

Rusty Rierson show

Weds it was mid 80's, very windy and humid.  One of the few days we have turned on the air-conditioning.  After last week not complaining though! This afternoon was "Name that Tune" happy hour.  You provide your own "happy."  Not enough participants☹, but Pat had his "happy."  We headed over to play shuffleboard instead. Pat's  "happy" secured him a win. One other couple was playing too.  Another food truck, Churches Chicken was in the parking lot from 4-6.  It's a Texas chain. We had another concert film this week, a 2012 Beach Boys 50th anniversary tour.  Lots of singing along.   A small group of Golf carts and chairs lined up to watch and dance.

Beach Boys on the back of the main hall.

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  1. Thank you. It was a fun one to make. I procrastinate on starting things so who knows when it will get quilted!