Friday, February 5, 2021

A nature walk

Today, Friday, was our 2nd Moderna vaccine.  As long as we arrived by noon we were supposed to be guaranteed a dose, as this clinic was only for those who had their first dose 4 weeks ago.  They started vaccines at 6 a.m. but we didn't show up until 7. 

WOW!!!  The car line was 3 times as long as our first time.  Despite this we were in line nearly the same length of time, about 5 hours. Once again when we went inside it only took about 20 mins.  Well worth it!  A big thank you to the Cameron County Health Dept, the Harlingen Fire and Police Depts. and all other volunteers that made the clinic run so smoothly.  Also thanks to the state of Texas for moving so quickly to secure vaccines and open up vaccines to the community.  We feel very lucky.  My arm is sore again, but Pat's isn't so far.  Hope that's the extent of reactions.

Our park hosted a concert today, free to residents once again, outside, behind the main hall.  Rick McEwen has been performing in Branson since 1984 and sings a variety of music. It was a little chilly, and we were tired from our vaccine day, so we didn't make it.  I went up to the Kona Ice truck because they were also selling girl scout cookies (no thin mints☹) today and sat on a park bench and caught "Sweet Home Alabama."  He was excellent!  Someone said he sang for 2 1/2 hours without a break.  We may have to make a trip to Branson to see him.

The Antigua Bakery and Cafe in Harlingen was highly recommended  so I finally picked up an order Thurs. morning.  I ordered 2 walnut crescents, a piece of Chocolate Delite, and a slice of  Poblamo and Bacon Quiche.  They even had a sugar-free Cranberry, Oatmeal cookie for Pat.  The Quiche was hot so I tried a bite, although it was for lunch.  Delicious, as we're the cookies.  Finished the Quiche and the Chocolate Delite at lunch.  Not a crumb left!

A lovely place for a walk in Harlingen is the Hugh Ramsey Nature Center.  It is a wildlife park in the middle of town, with trails, ponds, gardens, and wildlife.  We walked around for a couple of hours.  Krikkit walked some and then enjoyed the ride.

The trails were well marked as were various plants along the way.  It sounds like their are a variety of birds.  Not much was blooming so it may not be the right time of year for birds.  At least we didn't see many today.  A sign warns you about snakes, bobcats, cougars, turtles, and other wildlife.  Didn't see any of those either.

It was a beatiful walk on an 85° day though, and we enjoyed the variety of plants.

Lots of cacti.  

Pat said this looks like a giant Aloe Vera  plant but from the looks of the needles I'm pretty sure it's a cactus.

Not sure if they are dead or dormant.

I think this is Scarlet or Blood Sage, a favorite nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies.

One of several ponds

Guinea Grass is an invasive species that was introduced in the 1950's. 

The Prickly Pear has a yellow flower except here in Cameron County where it ranges from shades of red, orange, pink, and yellow.  Cactus is an important food source for birds and animals.

A hummingbird area.

A house behind the park has a private tower overlooking it.

On the west side of Harlingen, traveling on I69E, there are grouping of large buildings.  The Valley Oil Co-op Mill is a cottonseed mill formed in 1946.  They store cotton seed in these buildings.  They make oil out of the cotton seed which is then used in food products.  Beginning in 2007 the Co-op began using some of the oil to make bio-diesel fuel. Texas is the largest cotton producing state with 42% of the cotton in the U.S.  When we lived in Arkansas we lived across the street from a cotton field.

Valley Oil Co-op Mill has several rows of these large buildings for storing cotton seed.

A trainer, not a very successful one looking at Krikkit, told us that for us to be the head of the pack she shouldn't be allowed on the couch.  She stinks, and had to stop from jumping because of her legs anyway.  In the evenings Krikkit will come and lay her head on my lap so after 14 years she gets her time on the couch with us.  

Top left is my quilt square for week 2. Hard to display on a quilt but I only have so much room!  I had to miss the class this week because of the rocket launch, so I finally got around to it after our Covid shot Fri.  Not my best job so maybe I should have started it earlier in the week.

The plastic is still on top but the Diamond painting is about 3/4 done and looking interesting.

Once again it's sometimes the little things in life, like heart shaped Cheerios, that make me smile.❤


  1. 85° is a little warm and above normal, but it beats the couple of days in the 40's coming up.

  2. The park looks nice. I'd love to be walking with you in 85 degrees instead of the single digits highs we will have for the next few days. Still hoping to be able to get the vaccine sooner rather than later.

    They have cotton fields in Kansas too. There are some near where the kids live by Derby.

    1. If not for the wind the 85° might be a little warm. With the sun it certainly requires a/c in the RV. Didn't know they grew cotton in KS. We