Saturday, March 13, 2021

"Let's Roam"

This was our first "Let's Roam" destination, a grapefruit sculpture.  How many sections are in a real grapefruit?

Best day ever!  We don't get a lot of mail but today we got TWO books. Almost 2 weeks ago Samira (5) showed and read to us a cute, scary, and funny book she had written for us.  We didn't know that Cyrus had made us a book too.  It was an activity book (connect the dots), creative, fun, and very good.  Some samplings below.

Samira has curly hair by the way.

The funny part, and scary, was the cow sea monster.

Cyrus had details in his pictures that gave us clues as to what the connect-the-dot picture would be.

Fun time in the RV today looking at old pictures--some smiles and some tears!  Not so much fun trying to organize them, but Pat is helping me.  When we moved to Williamsburg in 2006 I began the process of scanning in all of our old pictures.  Some had info I found on the pictures, many did not!  In 2019, just before we sold the house, I finished up with my parents pictures that I had.  

It was hot and humid again today.  The saving grace, but also annoying part, is the 20 mph winds with gusts upwards of 30+.  You would think we would be use to those winds by now!

In 2017 we took a family trip to Wisconsin Dells.  We had just found out Zia and Josh were getting married.  

Our first year of RAGBRAI. Both riders and support team at "The Field of Dreams.

I cherish pictures with us and our grandkids.  This was taken in 2017 when we got together to try and see the eclipse.

There are thousands of scanned in photos.  There may be as many digital photos, since I was more careful back when I had to pay to develop them.  So far we are tidying up and looking for pictures spread out in strange places and moving them to one area.  After we get them in one area and sorted by year, which may take years, I will start organizing them by months and events.  I imagine there are a lot of duplicated ones to sort through and delete too.  

"Let's Roam" is a fun phone app scavenger hunt.  We purchased at year long plan, thinking it would be a good way to check out towns that we visit.  There are scavenger hunts across the U.S.  It was a lot of fun and went pretty well.  We were a team, yet each got to use our own phone. Next time I will figure out how to pause it though, because we missed a couple of spots because we got there too late.  You are given a place to look for,  and after you find it in a certain time period, you check in and you have a challenge question to answer.  There are also personal challenge questions along the way that you can answer.  They all earn you points.  We used some of our points to bring up maps to help us find our destinations.  We started out having to find a particular park and the "grapefruit" sculpture in it.  Our challenge question was how many sections would we find in a real grapefruit and we had 4 answers to choose from.  This was listed as a history scavenger hunt so we were given historical information about our destinations as we went. Thanks to Toni Pieper for recommending "Let's Roam."

We arrived at the park and were ready for our first challenge.

One side challenge was to find an "X" larger than a hand on a sign.

Another one of my side challenges was to find an out-of-state license plate.  It has you take a picture in the app and either approves or rejects your selection.  Both of these were accepted and earned us points.  I did have some denied.

We found more butterfly sculptures on our .8 mile walk around downtown Mission

We're nearing the end of our stay im Tropic Winds and the end of the winter Texans.  There are only a handful of activities on the calendar and by the end of March there will be no more until next Nov. or Dec. Every day it seems like someone else is leaving.  A friend from Palmyra, Glenna, asked the name of our RV Park.  She said someone she had worked with just came back from a month's stay at Tropic Winds.  There are a lot of RV parks down in this area so it really is a small world.  Not only were we in the same RV park, we were almost across from each other.

Friday was the March, and final, poker run, 5 stops, 5 cards to make up your hand.  I had a full house, and based on past months, could be the winner!  From 4-6 there was a party in the parking lot,  DJ Curt's Request Happy Hour.  It was toasty (mid 80's, humid and windy) but we stayed for most of it.

Pat's first card

Full house!

Curt the DJ and our activity director

Friday must have been tiring!


  1. Pat was mad at the app. It told us to get to our next destination to go counter click-wise around a Plaza (was a grocery store parking lot) or straight through the lot. We went through the lot to find a fence which made us late for our destination, lol.