Monday, March 29, 2021

Farewell Harlingen and Tropic Winds (ya win some, ya lose some)

After several days of failed launch attempts we were ready for a SpaceX launch today.  See all of the other cars waiting to watch too?  Me neither!😒

We leave Harlingen tomorrow...with mixed feelings.  It feels like it's time to move on, but after 4 months, it also feels like home.  This is the longest we've stayed anywhere since we started travelling.  Best parts:  the people, the park and SpaceX.

We have been pretty adamant about distancing, but we have still met some great folks.  Many have already left or will in the next few days.  We had neighbors across from us from Maywood, MO and the Quincy, IL area.  Next to us Mike and Pam were from Newberg, IA., the other side a couple from St. Joe MO, who has relatives in Hiawatha, KS where we had lived.  Further down Bob, Peggy, and Angel were from Kansas not too far from Hiawatha.  These couples have been coming to Tropic winds anywhere from 4 to 11 years and most will return next year, we will not.  Whether they were permanent, seasonal, or just passing through all were friendly.  We have other winter destinations to check out but I hope the winds blow us back here another year.  A great park, great people, and a great sense of community!

I think we would both recommend Tropic Winds.  We had a couple from Good Life Highway that stayed here and reviewed the park.  Here is a link to their YouTube video: . You haven't seen a rocket launch in person?  I will just say, YOU SHOULD!

Win some, lose some.  Since last Mon. SpaceX  has tried to launch SN11.  Today was our last chance, but it was scrubbed.  We were already headed to Port Isabelle, and had a pizza ordered there, when we heard.  What to do?  We picked up the pizza and went to the viewing spot we spent many days sitting at hoping for a launch, some days meeting with success.

Lunch today at the site where we were supposed to be waiting for a SpaceX launch

Nope, the rocket is still sitting on the launch pad.

Even Krikkit looks like she's ready for a launch (it could just be the pizza though)!

Friday's launch was also scrubbed.  If you look really close to the left of the boat, straight across from the tower, you might see SN11 through the fog.

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