Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Running behind!

Bluebonnets were blooming

We spent Easter weekend in Houston with our middle son Eric and his family.  We got to celebrate Eric's birthday, and on Mon. we began Clara's camping adventure!


Clara's "quarters"  

Splash pad and pool

View of the ocean.

Zoom night with Boston.  Samira read Clara a dinosaur story.  We didn't have great internet at the park so we used Verizon.  Kept our zoom call short so we wouldn't use it up early in the month.

Fabulous playground at Stella Mare.

Temperatures were in the low 70's.  The pool heater was broken and it was COLD! 

Stella Mare, Galveston.  The top of our bench folds down to make a table.

Everyone helped set up camp.

My co-pilot fell asleep 15 minutes after we left Houston.

Our RV step wouldn't go in when we left Harlingen.  Pat installed a new motor and controller when we got to Galveston.

Happy Birthday Eric!

I was invited to a nail painting party.  Alexa, on the right was the painter.

Tues., March 30 was an overnight stop at Brackenridge park and camping in Edna Texas.  A beautiful park by 10,000 acre lake Texana, a reservoir on the Navidad River.  A herd, or at least a family of deer not far from our campsite.  Within the park was an historic Presbyterian church. 

The church wasn't open but I enjoyed peeking in the windows and checking out the outside, too much, as I wasn't watching where I stepped.  I stepped in the biggest fire ant mound!  I hopped away and threw my sandals off.  One little ant hung on and boy does it hurt when they bite.  He won't be biting anyone again!😁

A site said there are alligators in the lake and there are no designated swimming areas, swim at your own risk.  No thank you!🐊

A great night to have the windows open.  After 4 months of strong winds, it was nice to wake up to total stillness.

This is a fire ant mound.  There are thousands of fire ants here!  They climb up your legs fast.  Talk about ants in your pants!  

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  1. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures! Thanks for posting! Looks like Clara is enjoying herself.