Sunday, April 18, 2021

Loving Big Bend National Park

Not to be crass, but do these look like piles of poo to you???  

You'll just have to go to our blog to see what's going on in my weird mind!  

Sunday we finally got to go hiking, well, okay they were more like walks but we had to start somewhere!   We started out with the Sam Nail Ranch Trail, stopped at the Soltol Vista Overlook, then the Homer Wilson Ranch Trail, and finished with the Lower Burro Mesa Pour-off Trail, all on the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive.

Pat and I have been seeing things in the rocks.  He thinks the big rock on top looks like an elephant and  I think it looks like a crocodile.  Either way, the rocks in the first picture were right next to this and I thought they looked like piles of poo.

The Sam Nail Ranch Trail is an easy .5 mile round-trip trail that took about 30 minutes.   The combination of water and shade made this an excellent birding location, and there were a couple there with major camera equipment trying to do just that. The non-functioning windmill was used by the Nails for gardening and to raise chickens and cattle.  There's not much else left to see there.

Pat thinks this might be a grove of mesquite trees.

What's left of an old chicken coop.

This was a functioning windmill but no information on where the water was being pumped to.

Part of a wall is all that is left of the adobe house built in the early 1900's.

We bypassed the Sotol Vista Overlook yesterday but changed our mind today.  Glad we did as it offered some breathtaking views.  We were unsuccessful at loading a panoramic picture tonight but I will continue to work on how to do it, or rather, work on Pat to work on it.😊

The Homer Wilson Ranch Trail is .7 of a mile.  It goes down to the ranch and back up, but it wasn't very steep.  The buildings look pretty good for a ranch that was abandoned in 1945.  There is the main house, foreman's house and a circular corral.  The timber roof on the inside was covered with metal on the outside.  Even thought it was pretty warm by the time we got there, the stone floor kept the house cool.

A view looking down at the farm with the "carousel" in the background.

Greater Earless Lizard

Our last hike was the Lower Mesa Burro Pouroff (seasonal waterfalls).  It was a 30 min., 1 mile walk.  After walking on a dry creek bed we came to a narrow box canyon where water has carved a deep channel into Burro Mesa. There is a 100 foot pouroff.

The pouroff

I hadn't seen a cactus this color here before.

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  1. You're right. I would definitely like Big Bend. And my big vehicle would have gotten us down that rough road no problem. We went hiking at Lake Darling yesterday, but I only got pictures of some bluebells blooming and Mike trying to fish the creek.
    We like the Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S / Flagstaff Micro Lite 22FBS. They are the same thing, different brand. But they seem to be hard to find.