Saturday, April 24, 2021

Becky's Drive In, Carlsbad, NM

Krikkit had a late afternoon trip to the vet on Thurs. so we stopped in Carlsbad at Becky's Drive In, complete with carhops, on the way home.  The food and service were great.  Our carhop asked if that was it, maybe a pattie for the dog?  Why not!  Krikkit hasn't had a hamburger since she was 1 (16 now) when she stole mine right off my plate. 😁

The Guadalupe Mountains preserve the largest fossil reef on earth, remnants from an underwater world that existed 260 million  years ago.

The park is made up of 3 different zones distinguished by variations in elevation, temperature, moisture, winds, soils and exposure to the sun.   At the base of the mountains is the Park's dry Desert Zone. In canyon bottoms you will find the Reparian Zone, wet with green vegetation.  At the top is the moist, breezy Mountain Zone. 

Friday we stopped at the Pine Springs Visitor's Center first.  We picked up a map,  visitor's guide, and asked about the 2 trails that allowed dogs.  You guessed it,  we had Krikkit with us.  

We drove through the Pine Springs campground.  They had a paved area for RVs but no hook-ups...

...and across the road tent camping.

It was terribly windy and Krik was sleeping so we decided to skip the trail and just drive to "The Pinery" or "Pine Spring Stage Stand"  instead of walking. It was built in 1858 on the Butterfield Overland mail route from San Francisco to St. Louis. It was abandoned in 1859 when the route was changed.

Next stop was the Frijole Ranch Cultural Museum.  This is the most complete remnant of farming and ranching in the Guadalupe Mountains.  The Radar brothers settled here in the 1870's with a few cattle.  The Smith family moved here in 1906.  During their 34 years they made many changes and additions.  In the 1940's Judge J C Hunter bought this property and other properties nearby and raised Angora sheep and goats.

The spring house was built by the Smith's and pumps 6 gallons of water per minute.

The  double bathhouse was added by the Smith's.

Gas generator used for lighting the house.

This building was used for various purposes one of which was a schoolhouse which served up to 8 neighboring children.

The "haze" over the mountains is air pollution.

Physicians and vets can be hard to find when you travel full-time.  Krikkit hasn't been feeling too good.  Of the 4 vets in Carlsbad one could see her--in August!  In Artesia, a town 30 miles from Carlsbad, Artesia Animal Clinic got Krikkit in last night.  Dr. Young and his staff took great care of her.  Hopefully it's an infection and antibiotics will take care of it.  She just wanted to sleep most of today and was happy to ride in the car with us. 

We've had some chilly nights but it's warming up.   Our first night here it got down in the 30's.  It warmed up to highs in the 60's Thursday.  Tomorrow will be near 80°.

Saturday we hiked the Smith Spring Trail in the Guadalupe Mountains.  Check us out tomorrow for a "it's a small world" moment.

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