Thursday, April 22, 2021

A funny story...,

Relaxing in Santa Elena Canyon.

Weds., our last day at Big Bend.  When you are retired hours, days, and even weeks become "lost."  Disappointed that Chicos Basin wouldn't be opening today because of the wild fire.  They might open lower elevations on Fri., but too late for us.  The trails there were supposed to be the best, but we hadn't seen the Santa Elena Canyon yet so we went on that trail instead.

It was beautiful!  Lots of people there, but still so peaceful.  We took our time walking up and then back down into the canyon.  Even found a big rock to sit on and enjoy the scenery.  THEN...Pat's phone rings and he has a message.  Most places outside of Chisos Basin have little to no internet so it was amazing the call came through.

Flashback to early morning.  I told Pat, "my phone just said we are suppose to be at Carlsbad RV Park today."  He said, "no, tomorrow."  I didn't even check, but should have.  Anyway we were suppose to have checked out at 11:00 and it was now 11:15 with a good 30 min. hike out, and over an hour drive back.  The latter is provided you aren't behind someone pulling a trailer on curvy roads, going 15 mph under, for 30+ miles and also some road construction after that.

We made it back at 1:30 (check-in time for the next guy is 1:00 or after) and were packed up, although not as well as usual,  by 1:50 and the new resident of our spot hadn't shown up yet.  There was a $25 fee for leaving late but it was our fault so we had no problem with that.  It was a great RV park.  Chris, Allison, and Robin were so nice and helpful.  I told Pat that at least occasionally I am right, and we need to sync our calendars from now on.

So it was truly our last day.  Bad news was we had a long drive ahead of us (5-6 hours) and it was already 2 p.m.

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