Thursday, April 15, 2021

I'm awake now!

The view out our front window in Terlingua.

Quite a bump coming out of the RV park in Ozona Thurs.!!  We had never lost anything in 2 years, but the dishes flew out of the cabinet this morning.  Thanks to Corelle none appeared broken.  Glad the glass turntable was out of the microwave and it's safe spot.

Southridge RV Park was not a memorable RV park, but there wasn't much between San Antonio and our next destination.  It was a dirt/gravel lot with mostly full-timers.  What little grass there was had burs so Krikkit wasn't happy!

It WAS a memorable stop, however.  We met the nicest couple, Charlie and Melanie, from Arizona?, Florida?, Nova Scotia?  Actually, they have homes in all 3.  Melanie brought us the best home-made muffins and TWO kinds of cookies. They too had sailed, but on a grander scale.  Hopefully we will get up to Nova Scotia sometime when they are there.  Check out CAML Pottery to see their beautiful pottery and learn about their art gallery.

Monday we left Galveston and headed to San Antonio.  On the way we stopped at one of the Texas Painted Churches.  They date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's when Czech and German immigrants came to Texas.   They built dozens of churches that seemed ordinary on the outside but contained masterpieces inside to remind them of the Churches they left behind. We visited St. Mary's in High Hill, near Schulenburg.  It is nicknamed the "Queen of the Painted Churches" in Fayette county. It was built in 1906 with paintings added in 1912.  In 2011 it was restored.  If you want to read more you can go to Painted churches.  It was absolutely beautiful!

This was one of two sections they did not restore.  

On Wednesday we went to see the San Antonio Missions, 5 in total.  We started at the Alamo, Conception, San Jose, San Juan, Espada.  After the Alamo we took a short walk on the Riverwalk which I really enjoyed.  We had lunch outdoors at one of the many restaurants that are located on either side of the river.  Although Mission Alamo is the most famous, I enjoyed Mission Concepcion the most.  Each Mission was self-sufficient.

The Alamo was founded by Catholic missionaries in the 18th century and was the site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.  The former church is a museum.

This live oak, located at the Alamo was transplanted here in about 1912 when it was already 40 years old.

Original well

Cannon used in the Battle of the Alamo.  The building in the background on the right is a hotel. 

They were filming in the church courtyard.

The Native Americans lived here.  Stone ovens were located outside.

The Rose Window at Mission San Jose.  No one is quite sure why it is so named.

Circular stairs leading to a bell tower.

Mission San Juan

Sacred burial ground

All of the Missions, except the Alamo, have active churches.

On our way to Ozona we stopped at this "wagon wheel" themed rest area for lunch.

The Ozona Court House was built in 1909.

The old Ozona National Bank building.

Ozona is the county seat for Crockett County.  A statue of Davy Crocket is in the town square.

Thursday we moved on to Road Runner Travelers RV Park in Terlingua.

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