Thursday, March 25, 2021

"To be with old friends is warm and comforting." -- Ian Ziering

It was so great to meet up with my high school friend Kristi, and her husband Mark, on Monday.  They are from Iowa and are spending the month of March in South Padre.   

We had a drink at Coconut Jacks in South Padre followed by a walk on the beach with Jordy.  This was the first time Pat and I had sat at a restaurant, including an outdoor one such as this, since last Feb.

Mark, Jordy, and Kristi

On Weds. we went to Mission for one last chance to see butterflies at The National Butterfly Center.  The weather was perfect, warm, sunny and not windy.  How many did we see?  Not many and a picture of one, lol!  Pat kept saying take a picture while they are flying.  Right!  

We saw them feed the birds again.  This time we got some pictures of birds that weren't even blurry.

?Black Swallowtail (I need help from my sister-in-law Mary on this one)


Altamira Oriole and Green Jay

Audubon's Oriole

Red-winged Blackbird

Poor Spike (17 years old) was burned in a fire last year . They think it was an accidental fire.

Lots of signs but few real butterflies.

Crispy Creme is giving away a free donut if you've had the covid vaccine.  With your card each person is eligable for one free donut every day for a year

One more rocket launch?  We've been hopeful all week.  Friday may be our lucky day so we went to Port Isabel today to see if we could find a better viewing spot.   The views have been great, but Krikkit needed a non-rocky area to spend the day.  Not sure we were successful but we took a gander at the Port Isabel Historic Lighthouse while we were there.  It recently reopened to tourists but we didnt go inside.

The lighthouse was completed in 1853 and had a light that could be seen for 16 miles.  During the Civil War it was used by both sides as an observation point.  Due to declining ship traffic it was permanently abandoned in 1905.

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