Friday, June 25, 2021

"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road." -- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

1st course at Kerouac's in Baker, NV Thursday:  our choice of a "board."

Well, we weren't on hwy. 50 in Nevada (America's loneliest highway) but we were on hwy. 21, mostly in Utah and for a short while in Nevada, and it was pretty lonely.  Few vehicles, no towns, very few farm houses and a long, straight road, broken up only by occasional mountains.

We left Orderville shortly after 8:30 Thursday.  We stopped for lunch near a ghost town, Frisco.  There was some exploring to do but we didn't want to take off the car.  We had a fair amount of miles to drive today and those included a good share of mountains, slower travel in the RV.  We just wanted to get to our destination.  Also, we didn't want to leave our RV sitting in the small lot on the side of the road on this desolate highway.  I won't tell you about Frisco as we might go back.

We saw signs for Elk (even had flashing lights), cow and horse crossings today but didn't see any.  No signs for deer but several had been hit.  Pat said that was probably because there were no signs telling them where to cross, lol. 

Baker, NV, population 68, is about 5 miles from the entrance to Great Basin National Park.  The next closest town is 60 miles away. Neither Pat nor I have been to Great Basin so we're anxious to see what we can explore.  Based on being out in the middle-of-no-where, we are not surprised that we have very little internet, so posts will be sparse, if any, until we reach civilization.

Lunch stop

Former town of Frisco

Straight road


Straight road and repeat sequence.

We saw one lake.

We're almost there.  

A food truck at our park with sandwiches.

Bonus Kerouac's!
In this tiny town is a wonderful restaurant.  I much prefer pizza or burgers (taste and cost) but occasionally a nicer meal is good. It is named after a famous author, Jack Kerouac.  He was best known for writing the "Open Road," an American Classic.

2nd course:  our choice of Bruschetta.
Oh no, someone already ate two!

3rd course:  we chose meatballs and Crab cakes (below).

Final course:  Mango Sorbet made mostly with fresh fruit and a small amount of cane sugar.

Pat chose one of their signature drinks, Carnival

Where are the Piepers?  Baker, NV


  1. We live in Carson City, NV and I have to prepare myself for this boring drive with zpodcasts and puzzles! We are going to check it Baker!