Monday, June 28, 2021

How are your neighbors?

We found this rock on our table when we returned from our hike Sunday.   A great message and what a day brightener!  Directions on the back of the rock to pass it on and post a picture. 

Do you have nice neighbors?  Do you rely on them?  Camping neighbors are no different, they just change more frequently!  They are someone to talk to, share experiences, camping/camper issues, learn about things to do, you know, camper talk, and help each other out.

We always seem to have great neighbors.  Maybe it just goes with campers.  We have met so many people, some that we have so much in common with and others we learn so much from.  Next to us this week  was a couple from Kentucky with 4 young kids, all adopted, and a dog.  What an amazing family and what amazing things they have done and are doing to make this world a better place.  They both work in education and for five years have spent their summers traveling with their family.  It was such a pleasure getting to know them.  They certainly brightened our world!   It was also a pleasure to meet a California couple just down from us.  Like us, they have 3 boys.   I hope we meet again!  

People always ask what our favorite places have been.  I usually answer, "whereever we are."  That's kind of true, but honestly, it's not about the places as much as the people you meet on the way.  We're very thankful to be living our dream.

Sunday we went hiking and returned to an altitude back up near 10,000'.  As opposed to Friday, we went right instead of left on the same trail head and took the Alpines Lake Trail.  Instead of nearly a 1,000' foot climb,  like Friday's hike, we only went up 450'.  I was concerned since I got so sick Friday, but other than noticing the lack of air up there, no problem.  We took the ascent slowly and the 3 mile hike went smoothly.  Once again met some very nice and even very funny hikers!  Lots of Californians visiting Great Basin.

This trail offers great views of  Wheeler Peak.  Neither of the two lakes have fish.  They are pretty shallow.

The Alpine Lakes Trail

Wheeler Peak on the left and Doso Doyabi on the right.

Field Chickweed

Cassin's Finch


Stella Lake

Pretty sure I have some grandkids, especially in Texas, that would love to play in that snow.

Tree trunk
 was pretty big around.

Parry's Primrose

Beautiful brook surrounded by Parry's Primrose.

Teresa Lake

Our lunch view of Teresa Lake.

Penstemon Speciosus

Pat's been working hard on upkeep and repair.  He lubricated the slide, stairs and awning.  Today he replaced the check valve in the spare water pump so it's ready if needed, as well as changed a water filter.  There's ALWAYS something that needs work.

This plant is called Mormon Tea because the drink made from it does not violate the tea rule by the LDS church.

Whispering Elms Motel and Campground is the closest RV park to Great Basin NP and the only one in Baker.  It has all of the necessities.  Although I prefer faster internet (always) I acknowledge that we are in a town of less than 800 in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.  We were even able to zoom on their wi-fi for a short time.  

A food truck parked in the RV lot every day with breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

The small motel has 6 rooms.

It even come with a Kingbird family!  I'm guessing it's a Western Kingbird, but can't really tell.  Did you know they eat flies?

Where are the Piepers?  Baker, NV

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