Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Scooby, Scooby-Doo, where are you?

Uh-oh, something strange going on in the park?

The Mystery RV was parked in Woods and River Campground where we are staying.  Didn't notice Scooby or any of the gang,  nor did there appear to be any mysteries that needed to be solved.

Don't usually find nice paved paths in a campground.

A group enjoying a fire by the river, eating candy bars.  What, no s'mores?  Claimed they were waiting for me to bring the marshmallows.

The Old Spanish Trail connecting Sante Fe and Los Angeles.

Monte Vista, CO is on the migratory path for Sandpiper Cranes.  Every March 10,000-20,000 stay in this area for 2 months to fuel  up for their trip up north to their breeding ground.  Monte Vista hosts a Crane Festival the 2nd weekend of every March. The "Swoop of Cranes"(gaggle of geese, passel of kids, and a group of Cranes is a swoop), was a 2021 art and beautification project.  There were 50 blank steel Cranes that could be adopted by residents and businesses to place on the light poles in town. I enjoyed looking at every one.  Reminded me of Nappanee, IN with it's rotating art displays in it's downtown.  I wish more towns would do this.

The San Juan Spiritual Center in La Garita, at the foot of the La Garita Mountains, invites visitors to experience the mysteries of Jesus's life in a very serene, reflective setting.  The Rosary Walk is a place to remember the strong catholic faith and traditions brought be early Hispano settlers.

St. John the Baptist Church built in 1879.  It closed in the 60's.  In 2009 restoration began.

Memorial to preserve the last remaining wall of the 1879 rectory. 

The outdoor rosary.

Each station has one of four mysteries printed on each side.

The Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge is a must for bird watchers.  I could have sat there and watched for hours but today we drove through. 

There were a lot of Yellow Headed Black birds.

The Red Winged Blackbird I think?

A blue-billed duck.

A Canadian Goose family

Sacred Heart Church in Alamosa was built in 1922 in a Mission Revival/Spanish Revival style and has been added on to each side.

A double screen outdoor theater.

Saturday we rented "A Quiet Thing" to prepare for our drive-in experience Sunday night.  We had seen it before but couldn't remember how it ended.  Due to the scary factor I stayed awake to scream through both.

Screen 2
We got there plenty early.  It wasn't crowded but there were more cars than just ours.

Screen 1

The windows in the motel faced both movie screens.

We both spent some seriously needed time cleaning and oiling our bike chains this week. 

Today was probably the best I have felt since we arrived here and then it rained most of the day, unusual for this desert area.  Pat thought I had altitude sickness.  That may be partially true, but I think the altitude, dry air, change in temperatures, and campfire smoke combined to cause a long-term migraine similar to what I have had once before.  Happy to say medicines seemed to have conquered it--I hope. 

What do you do on a rainy day when you have a bored wife?  Join forces and  help her organize pictures that she spent months scanning in.  Thanks Pat!  We made progress  but sadly this is a VERY long term project.  After dinner we stopped for today and played Gin Rummy.

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