Saturday, March 5, 2022

"Music can change the world." -- Ludwig Van Beethoven

Emma with the La Porte High School Band.

The La Porte High School Band presented a concert Thursday night in preparation for this Saturday's band contests.  We were excited to see them in action.  There were 18 ensembles tonight and they all sounded great.  Emma was with the wind ensemble, saxophone ensemble.  Below is a short piece of  Shepherd's Hey (Percy Aldredge Grainger).  Way to go Emma!

Dorado, sponsored by the The Bryan Museum, created by Ray Cosgrove.    

The Bryan Museum houses The Bryan Collection, one of the largest collections of historical artifacts, documents, and artwork related to Texas and the American West.  It is located in the old orphans home built in 1894 by Henry Rosenberg.  

Mural at the Sunshine Center, a Physical Therapy Center, where we found Sunny.

Sunny was created by Doug Hiser.

D. Gale did not have a sign.

Tony the Turtle, sponsored by the Smecca family, created by Tracy Van Horn Reed.  

This guy was hard to photograph in his enclosure.  Ridley was found at the McGuire Dent Recreation Center.  It was sponsored by Better Parks for Galveston and created by Rachel Wilet-Janota.

Tranquilo Baby was the only turtle we didn't get to see.  He was close to the street so we wondered if he had been hit.

There is no turtle here, however, their directions took us to this spot when we were looking for La Calavera. We had to do some detective work to find him the next day. 

Ukraine is on everyone's minds!

Our grandaughter told us about The Spot.  Nice "spot" for an early dinner.  Beautiful view of the beach.

Too much food.  We need to remember to share.
Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston, TX

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