Tuesday, March 29, 2022

How do they keep track of everything?

Daddy asked if they used their lady manners at our last tea party.  You can't see Clara's tongue, but it is stretched nearly to the end of her ice cream cup to get every last bit. 🤣

It's been busy around here!  Last Thurs. Papa Pat and I accompanied Clara to STEM time at the library.  She loves going to the activities and enjoyed playing in the library's toy area.

One last tea party!

A softball tournament for Lilah in Sante Fe, about 40 minutes away, kept us busy Sat. and Sunday.  It started early on Sat. and ended Sun. evening with 2nd place.


Alexa found a quiet place to read.

After the last game Sat. we went to 3 Acres Food Truck Park in Sante Fe.  There was a car show to check out while we waited for our food.

We enjoyed the band there made up of gentlemen with varying disabilities.  They and the crowd were enjoying the nice evening. 

I think this guy had more than food!  He was bouncing from one table to another playing his air guitar.

Winning 3 of 4 games earned all of us some ice cream.

Time for a little grilling at home.

Salmon topped with a Savory Red Pepper Relish. Delicious!

Toni's Dad started making crosses for Vacation Bible School next summer.  We worked on finishing those this week and we're almost done.  Pat did most of the work.

Alexa (not pictured) and Clara both helped sand the cross pieces with me.

99 completed!

Usually there are 3 kids, going 3 different directions, and often at the same time.  Tonight, Mon., Emma had HS band practice, followed by her first practice with the Deer Park Community Concert Band in one town, Alexa had theater practice (they have a performance Thursday) in another town, and Lilah had a softball game in yet another town. It won't be long till Clara gets involved in activities too, lol.  My head spins, but Toni makes it work.
Where are the Piepers now?  Houston, TX

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  1. They are a lot younger and have more energy, plus the sugar. What I want to know is how y'all do it? You make your plans, set a time table, and show up on time. Seems rather amazing. P.S. Liked seeing the masks.