Sunday, April 3, 2022

Moving on...

STEM Thursday at the Library this week with bins of various sensory materials (Clara chose green shredded paper) and dinosaurs.  We spent an hour counting, taking turns hiding and finding the dinosaurs, and just playing with them.  Of course we stayed a while to play and work with puzzles.

Alexa is a member of a community jr. art theater group.  We went to a benefit for the organization and were excited to see our actress perform in a dance and sing a short solo.  She did such a great job!

After a number of years it's working again. 

Clara was excited to ride but I think it took a lot of effort just to hold her head up.

Alexa has been trying to get enough people for a monopoly game.  We made it happen today, Sunday, our last day here.

Our banker!

You know it's serious when the rules come out!

Grandpa was the winner.

Grandpa decorated the one that cracked and exploded.

American Girl doll $100 and up, ear piercing $17.  It must be an American Girl doll for them to pierce it and requires special American Doll earrings $$.

Non-American Girl doll $25, ear piercing free.  6 pair post-earrings from WalMart <$5.  It was so easy!  

When Clara was younger she defurred a rather large section of Teddy's backside and he was starting to "leak."  With permission I did a little "skin graft."

We have one final task Monday.  Mom has a photo session so I'll get Alexa out to the bus (Emma leaves before we'll be up, and Lilah gets herself off) and Pat will finish preparing the RV for departure.  We'll take Clara to school, hook up the car, and be off.
Where are the Piepers now?  Houston, TX

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