Thursday, April 14, 2022

I love Lee's Summit!

You should know by now that I love to search for artwork, particularly themed sculpures, in the towns we visit.  You may not be disappointed that I didn't search for the 150ish heart sculptures in Kansas City.😃  I, however, am disappointed but we had no time.  I found the above heart in Summit Fair outdoor mall.  The artist is Phil 'Syke Style' Shafer and his theme was KC Soul.

In 2022 the Kansas City area wanted to showcase the big hearts of it's people. The Parade of Hearts includes 5 foot sculptures uniquely designed by various artists.  Without doing much looking I did come across 2 in Lee's Summit.

Near the movie theater I found The Heart of the Community, by artist Juan Tello.

Longview Campground isn't far from where we lived in Lee's Summit.  We stayed here last year and liked it.  Large lots, and they are working on paving all sites.

Pat tried a dump cake in the crock pot.  It wasn't what we expected.

We have experienced various weather conditions im Lee's Summit ranging from mid 80's, a 30°  night and Weds. sleet (above) and even a few snow flakes.

Wish we had more time in Lee's Summit, hopefully, next year.  We did get all of our doctor appointments and tests done, and we are able to move on to Ottumwa for Easter.  
Where are the Piepers now?  Lee's Summit. Mo

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