Monday, April 4, 2022

Remember the Alamo!

I was so excited  to make it to the "Nowhere Bookshop" I forgot to take a picture.  I selected a staff-recommended book and a wooden book mark.

Remember the Alamo was a quote made famous by Gen. Sam Houston (some say it was actually said by Gen. Sidney Sherman) rallying the troops at the Battle of San Jacinto in the Mexican-American war.

Does it mean we've traveled enough because we're repeating stops?  Absolutely not! Rarely do we see everything in 1, 2 or more visits.  Also, some things are worth seeing again. 

Since our daily travel goal is around 200 miles, San Antonio makes a good first stop when we leave Houston and head north.  We spent several days in San Antonio last spring and saw a lot, the Alamo, the missions, river-walk and more. 

I had one reason to stop again in San Antonio.  Anyone a fan of author Jenny Lawson, also a blogger known as "The Goddess?"   She is so funny, but suffers from depression, anxiety plus a few other things.  I can relate to many things she writes about and her humor often brightens my day.  Finally last July she opened her  bookstore, "Nowhere Bookshop," in San Antonio (actually Alamo Heights).  After we got set up we went there and I LOVED it!  It had books of course, but lots of quirky items too.  Whereas I could have browsed the comfy store (it was not big) for hours, Pat looked around and went to the car.  A wine and beer bar are in it's future.  Maybe that would have kept Pat inside longer?  Normally, because of space, I only get e-books but I figured I could pass this book on.  Had to buy something!

We are also doing a repeat stay at Anawana Camp RV Park in South San Antonio.  It's a small five-site park for fully equipped RVs.  The nice couple that own it lives on-site.  A beautiful place, located near many tourist sites in San Antonio.

Site #3, Gray Fox 

We took our 5 year-old grandaughter to preschool today before we left Houston.  Somehow our conversation turned to flying cars.

Me:  Wouldn't it be fun if cars could fly?

Clara:  That would be cool.

Me:  What would you do if Grandpa's car started flying right now?

Clara:  Probably throw up because I'm scared of heights.

Me:  Well, ok then, guess we won't do that!  🤣

Where are the Piepers now?  San Antonio, TX

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