Saturday, April 9, 2022

Time for us to "get out of Dodge!"

Who knows where that saying came from? If so, you win "the prize."😉

A lot of the gunslingers in Tombstone, AZ traveled to Tombstone from Dodge City, KS.  Since we had been to Tombstone, Pat thought it fitting to stop in Dodge City.  

Tombstone was a very touristy town, everwhere!  We were there during off season (granted their off season was pretty warm) and there were still plenty of things going on.  As well as the touristy stuff, they offered a lot of history.

Dodge City had a wild west vibe, but nothing like Tombstone.  The wax museum and gunfight shows were still closed.  We did go to the "Boot Hill Museum."  Didn't make it to " Miss Kitty's Cafe."  The museum had some interesting things, such as the picture frames that actually came to life and told their story.  Over all we weren't too impressed.  To be fair we had gotten our second Moderna booster on Thursday and it had a little "kick" that hit just after we got to the museum Friday.

6,000 pound, 1860 freight wagon like what would have been used on the Santa Fe Trail.  This would have been in the middle of the wagon train with the front and back wagons having bigger wheels.

A stunning mural.

Pat at the original Boot Hill Cemetary.  In 1887 the graves, approximately half of those supposedly buried there, were moved to another cemetary.  Why was it named Boot Hill?

This strip of buildings were replicated with furnishings like what you might have found in the old-west days.  Among others, there was a general store (that was functioning), an apothecary, photographer, mortician,etc.  There also was a saloon that is open for business in the summer. 

A church like you might have found back then. This was a Catholic Church donated from a nearby town.

Our park for Thursday night.

Shattuck, OK windmill museum and park established in 1994. 37 unique windmills, all in functioning condition.

Up the Trail by Kate John's and Laurie Thompson.  Some little town on our drive Weds.

Some pictures from Elk City, OK, located on old Roure 66.

Thanks to our Harvest Host!

Our dinner menu.

5 different museums comprise this complex. 

Formerly the McCoy motel advertised in the 1950's modernistic motel.  It even had a pool which is now gone.

By Brasford Williams depicting 2 men sealing a deal on horseback.

Elk Ciy is known as The Natural Gas Capital of the world. This rig was built in the 1960's by The Atomic Energy Comm. to drill deep shafts  for test-detonating atomic bombs underground.  Later it was used for oil and gas drilling.  At 180 feet tall it is equivalent to a 22 story building.  

Where are the Piepers now?  Peck, KS


  1. A lot of people associate the expression "Get out of Dodge", which means to make a quick withdrawal from a dangerous or difficult situation, with the TV show "Gunsmoke" but it was actually used before that as a reference to Dodge City Kansas due to its reputation for lawlessness.
    And yes, I some research on Dodge City. I knew it had been used on Gunsmoke but thought it was also related to Dodge City from the Westerns we watched while camping.
    Oh, and while I was researching Dodge City I found out why it is called Boot Hill. Because most of the people buried there were gunfighters who died and were buried with their boots on.
    Do I win the prize?

    1. Of course you win the prize. Just ask my kids, the "prize" is knowing you are right!😅