Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Who would put mayo ...

Boardwalk, a $150 million Super Yacht, owned by Galveston native Tilmon Fertitta.  More info further down.

 ...on a burger???  Is this a Texas thing?  I'm not a big fan of mayo but it has its place.  What would a BLT be without it?  It does not, however, belong on my hamburger!

On Monday we took the ferry over to Bolivar.  We checked out the RV Park where our old (not old I guess, former) neighbors, Craig and Glenn, are staying.  I'm so jealous, Craig still finds the biggest seashells!  We began the day by heading down towards piers 21 and 22.

One of nine of the original Rosenberg fountains that remain.  Henry was a business man and philanthropist.  Like this one, many have been moved from there original spots.

Pier 21 Statue

Fertitta's yacht appears to be pretty big compared to the Carnival Breeze cruise ship behind it.

Carnival Breeze

Enslaved Africans commemorative marker near Pier 22.

Galveston/Bolivar ferry

Taken from the ferry, the cruise ship shows it's size compared to the yacht.

A view of the S.S. Selma that sank in 1922.

A food truck that is "Home of the BadAss Burger.  It was HUGE, but I didn't see that it came with mayo.  It had a little spice and came on a toasted sourdough bun.  More than I could eat.  It was good.  I ate around the bun to avoid the major mayo and gave the center to Pat.

We completed our trip to the peninsula by visiting FT. Travis Seashore Park.  In 1888 the U. S. began a major seacoast fortification project with three forts being built in the Galveston Bay.  Four batteries remain intact at Ft. Travis.  Ft. Travis was sold in 1949.

Historical Marker honoring Bolivar Point where a military camp was established as part of a plan to invade Spanish Texas.  There was also a memorial to Jane Herbert Wilkinson Long, who came here with her husband James Long while he fought in that battle.  In the midst of many difficulties she endured she has been called the "mother of Texas."

Battery Kimble

On either side of this bunker there was a canon mount.

Battery 236

Battery Davis

The second Lighthouse, no longer in use,  at this location.  

This slab was where the lavatory was.

Looking towards Galveston.

This was taken from the ferry and looked like a trash barge near Bolivar Pennisula.

Texas City

We found more turtles Thursday.

Cam, sponsored by Campeche Cove Animal and Bird Hospital, and created by Jane Young French.

Latte, sponsored by Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream, and created by Shawne Moore. 

This Muscovy Duck was hanging around the coffee house.

Toby, sponsored by Galveston 1SD Texas ACE  and created by Abril Celeste.

Sponsored by 2019-2020 Odyssey Academy Galveston PTO, and created by Gabriel.

Homer, sponsored by Better Parks for Galveston, and created by Shaifer Laine Coalen

Tourist Ted, sponsored by several businesses, and created by Mary Ruth Brown.

I have included a picture of Landry's below which is in front of The Raintree Forest where we found the turtle above, Tourist Ted.  

Landry's openned it's first restaurant in Katy, TX in 1980.  The founder, president, and CEO of Landry's Inc. is  Tilman Fertitta, age 53, from Galveston.  During the past 30 years the company has gone public and then the shares reaquired by Fertitta.  

Currently he is the owner of 600+ restaurants, hotels, casinos and entertainment destinations in 35 states and the District of Columbia.  The company also has many international locations.  It is the second largest seafood chain behind Red Lobster.  The headquarters of Landry's, Inc. are in Houston.  

Just in Galveston alone he owns too many restaurants to name (including Landry's and Rainforest Cafe), Pleasure Pier (amusement attraction with Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co.), hotels, resorts, the Houston Aquarium, the Houston Rockets, a yacht company and the list goes on and on.  Oh, and it just isn't one restaurant, he owns entire chains. He is worth a mere 5.8 billion.  I feel like such a slacker!

His yacht has been parked near Pier 21 this week.  It looked huge compared to the massive cruise ship behind it.  If you check the picture up a few, it does pale in comparison to that big cruise ship.

Coral, designed by GABRIEL.

Queen of the Sea, sponsored by Moody Gardens, and created by Lenexa Juliet Frances Morais.

Indian Blanket, the only flowering plant I've seen here.
Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston, TX


  1. I totally agree. NO MAYO ON BURGERS!! I hate it when I forget to verify the condiments before ordering. Usually I try to scrape it off.

    1. The worse part, it was kind of mixed with the ketchup and mustard and there was too much of all of them.