Saturday, July 9, 2022


We parked our RV at a park in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire on July 1 and went into Boston for a week. Beantown is kind of an old nickname, referring to the beans slow-baked with molasses back in the Colonial days in Boston. Boston is really a fantastic city to visit, time and time again. We've been there countless times and we have seen or experienced new things each time. This was our week.

Black Swallowtail

Our first dinner at Josh and Zia's.  Seemed natural to sit on "our" stool. Every week when we zoom you can find us here (actually this is where the computer sits).

Who doesn't like Minecraft?

We enjoyed a brass festival at the Condon Shell in Medford. We always enjoy the School of Honk street band. We were observers but you can always show up, with or without experience or even an instrument, and they will get you playing along that day. The band and dancers have so much fun!  I think 5 brass bands played. 

Josh is playing the white tuba.

Cyrus did some reading to earn Minecraft playing time!

The fourth was a busy day and evening.  A fun block party and a trip to see Boston's fireworks.

A traditional July 4th neighborhood block party.  Charles was the BBQ king, too much good food, and a day full of great conversation. Met someone with friends in New London, MO!

Besides being a great cook, Charles is a published poet and writer. Above all else, he is a great human being. We were honored to receive an autographed book.

In the evening we left Josh's on our bikes around 7 p.m. to head towards Boston to view the city's fireworks. It was a nearly 4 mile ride. I think Josh was a little disappointed, as in the past they've always had speakers along the Charles River broadcasting the concert prior to the fireworks. Not this year though. It didn't matter to us. It was so much fun watching the crowds and activity.  Fireworks started after 10:30. Hardest part? Keeping 6 year-old Samira awake since we had to ride bikes home. We did take a shorter route back, but wow, what an experience trying to ride through the crowds. Brings back memories of RAGBRAI!

We viewed the fireworks by MIT. While we waited, the kids enjoyed a tour around, and probably stories, from Zia. They also were entertained by some jugglers.

I'm always surprised with the number of turkeys in town.  This one was visiting just across the street. 

The kids wanted lunch at Clover (offers vegetarian fare), followed by ice cream at J.P. Licks, both local chains. According to Cyrus you can't beat Clover's PB and banana in pita bread.

Then we walked through Harvard.

John Harvard statue.  A tradition is to touch the foot of the statue for good luck. Samira and I decided our day was already pretty lucky so we skipped it this time. I was glad we did after I got home and learned about a lesser known tradition by students!🙂

A replica of the old Harvard College pump.

Cambridge Common's Civil War Monument

The Irish Famine Monument in Cambridge Commons

We finally arrived at the Cambridge Commons playground.

In 1829 The First Church of Cambridge came from a split with the creation of the Unitarian First Parish of Cambridge and the Congregationalists retaining The First Church of Cambridge.

Lesley University

We had dinner with Josh with Clover again.  Tuesdays they have tacos delivered (two different varieties each week). We usually just get to watch them eat it on Zoom.

We were invited to visit Zia's office. She had some great views from her office including this kinetic art sculpture.

A bicycle bike rack.

Frost Terrace, Affordable Housing

Mural of the city block we walked down.

Zia took us to Honecomb Creamery, a short walk from her office. One of their toppings? honeycomb candy of course!  Almost as good as what my Mom made.

Daddy helping Princess Samira pack.

Where are the Piepers now? Phippsburg, ME


  1. I'm glad Boston can afford a 'Professional' ambulance and not the other kind.

    1. Makes you rethink getting in other ambulances now, doesn't it???