Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Biking, hiking, and lots of pool time!

Picnic at Jordan's Pond in Acadia N. P.

Josh and Zia came to visit this weekend and took a family bike ride on a Carriage trail.  We left our bikes in Boston so we took a walk.

We all went sailing on the Margaret Todd Schooner in the afternoon.  It is a 4 masted schooner, measuring 151'.  She set sail in 1998.  It was a little breezy but the sailing was smooth.

Zia was one of the volunteers selected to help hoist the sails.

From afar it looked like this ferry might eat our schooner.

In 1997 we took a two night cruise on the schooner Mercantile. Any and all passengers were encouraged to help, whether by raising sails, pumping the bilge or in the galley. They don't look very happy, but it was probably something I did because they had a great time. She was a two masted schooner out of Camden, ME. Built in the early 1900's and she's still afloat today.  

This dog had a blast chasing rocks.

Bar Harbor

LeBron James invested $1 million to help start this pizza chain, based in CA, in 2011.  Great pizza!

Ice cream on the town park lawn.

Someone found a piano there.

Sunday began with a trip to Acadia's Hull Visitor's Center to swear in two Junior Rangers.

Original plan was to bike on the Carriage path by the visitor's center. That changed.  Instead we took a shuttle bus to Jordan's Pond and hiked about 1/3 of the path in and back out.

One of our Junior Rangers.

Pat and I in 2019

Like other ponds and lakes in this area, Jordan's Pond is used as a public water supply.  No entry or swimming.

They were restoring a large area so most of our walk was on a narrow boardwalk.


Monday morning, time for Josh and Zia to go home and for us, well, time to move on.

Where are the Pieper's now? Lubec, ME

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