Monday, July 11, 2022

"I'm on the top of the World..." --by The Carpenters

When I was little I remember Sunday trips to the lake. This past Sunday we visited Reid State Park in Georgetown, ME, a 30 minute drive. Cyrus requested a forested hike. Not exactly forested, but for the kids, all of the rocks were heaven. Sand beaches are a rarity along the Atlantic coast in Maine but this park has two, 1/2 mile and 1 mile beach. The views here? Outstanding! Cyrus and Samira were running and jumping from rock to rock. When we finished playing on the rocks after trailing behind, especially me, by a good distance, Cyrus mentioned that maybe we were too old for this, lol. Sadly, he's probably right!

We carry one tub of a variety of toys for various ages. The two Little Golden Books on top in the picture below were purchased at a garage sale by my Mom to read to my boys and their cousins. Both favorites, they were read each time we visited them. Both books were/are favorites of every single one of my grandkids. They were the first things Samira grabbed out of the tub this week. Another book, Could be Worse by James Stevenson,  was given to Cyrus and Samira's Dad by my brother and his wife on Josh's 5th birthday.  Another favorite of theirs and mine. All books memorized by kids and adults alike. Some may find this strange, but the hardest thing for me to get rid of when we became nomadic were the books, games, and toys I had accumulated in a room just for my grandkids! I think that was one of the few things that made me cry. 

Cinnamon muffin tops, some with blueberries, for breakfast.

The campground inflated their bouncy house today. It was huge and rated for adults too. And no, Pat and I didn't venture on it, although I did think about it. 

Lunch joke from Samira which became the joke all day. Grandma, look under. Under where Samira? When they finally quit laughing she said, "I made you say underwear."

Hairy Vetch on the trail to the rocks.

Looking to the left was 1 mile beach, were we ended up.

To the right was 1/2 mile beach.

Mid 70's but the water was between 54 and 58°.  Yes it was COLD!

Our new surfer dude, Costa Rica Rick, was fun.  Toss him in and he surfs back in to shore.  Once again, I'm easily amused!  

Finished the night by visiting the playground, one last trip to the bouncy house, followed by Grandpa's smoothies.

I put some events on our calendar at dinner.  Samira said she didn't want to leave Weds. because we would never find a campground as fun as this one.

Where are the Piepers now? Phippsburg, ME

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