Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year!

I don't think my feet got any younger at the springs at Ponce De Leon State Park. Actually the Fountain of Youth Ponce De Leon sought was supposedly in St. Augustine FL.

 80° Tuesday but rainy. Perfect day for a double trigger-finger surgery. We had to wait a couple of hours for meds so we looked at a few more peanut sculptures in Dothan, AL. I was glad I had anti-nausua meds with me because while I waited for the anti-nausea meds to be filled I felt nauseous. I don't think that's ever happened to me post-surgery before. I don't usually use the prescribed pain meds, I save those for emergencies-- like kidney stones! Everything went well with the surgery so I can't complain. 

Cotton was blowing across the road.

Rehab Nuts at Healthsound Rehabilitation

Dr. Shelly Peanut 

Mr. Cow: Can you guess where he is at?

USA Peanut at the Nation Peanut Festival grounds

We revisited Ponce de Leon Springs State Park on Monday. No staff around so you probably didn't have to pay. We paid the $4 honor-system charge however. State Parks are deserving of their nominal fees.

Acquired by the state in 1970, but the springs have been used since the 1920's. The springs produce about 14 million gallons of water a day at a year-round temperature of 68°. Snorkeling is popular in the crystal-clear waters.

Close-up of a tree knee.

Tree knees are a structure of the Cypress tree forming above it's roots. They are usually found in swampy areas and were abundant here.  

The spring run, where the spring ran into the creek.

Magnolia Tree

Dwarf Palmetto

Stinky's was a seafood restaurant. They had a New Year's brunch with a live Blue Grass Band. Wear your pajamas? You could get a free mimosa!

Nice to have Sally and Mike join us in Florida.

Foggy and large waves at Santa Rosa Beach Sunday.

Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, FL

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