Saturday, January 14, 2023

Peanuts to Caves

The Wedding Room at Florida Caverns State Park. Do you see the cake?

Tuesday I had an MRI on my knee in Dothan, AL. I survived! My head stuck out so all of the stress I experienced leading up to it was unnecessary! We checked out a few more peanut sculptures while we were there.

Health Nut

Ace the Toolman

Nokia Nut

Krispy Creme

Dothan Pediatric Nut

The Alabama Welcome Center

AL Welcome Center

Our destination Weds. was Florida Caverns State Park. The Caverns, nearly 38 million years old, weren't discovered until the mid 1930's. The state has owned it from the beginning and the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) developed the Caverns and grounds in the 30's, with it opening to the public in 1942. It is the only air-filled cave accessible to the public in Florida.

The park itself encompasses 1,300 acres which includes the caverns.

Statue dedicated to the CCC

The Visitor's Center was built by the CCC. The top floor contains a museum and the lower floor houses a gift shop. 

This was a column that separated as the ground has settled.

Looking up at the stalagtites on the ceiling. 

Top right are curtain formations. 

A sea urchin fossil

This is the size of the cave openings workers had to squirm through during excavation. 

The oils in our hands can destroy formations so no touching in the Caverns, with the exception of the touching column. One piece they decided to sacrifice in order to keep people from touching the rest. 

This must be Abigail, the spirit found in the cave.  In Nov. they offer paranormal tours and people have spoken with her. Actually, Pat took pictures without a flash while I took them with a flash. They had colored lights on the displays and without the flash this is what you see. 

Tunnel Cave is the only other cave people are allowed to go in.

It was tight getting out. First I whacked my head and then jerked back and hit my back. I was laughing so hard I hit my head again. When all else fails, crawl!

In 2018 the park recieved rare inland damage from Hurricane Michael. They had a lot of downded trees and they are still recovering.

This led up to the bluffs. Not much of a rise until you realize just how flat this state is.

A rock cover used by the Choctaw Indians 10,000 years ago.

One of the caves not accessible to tourists. 

This guy and 2 of his friends were stopped in the road in front of us. They moved off the road, but this one did not take his eyes off of us. 

Dinner out with Sally and Mike in Bonifay on Thursday.
Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, FL

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  1. I had no idea that Florida could have caves! Liked the CCC building. Your photos make it almost tempting to visit. Your brother has started a different quest: Eva chairs. We'll have to attend to that first. When the snow melts.