Thursday, January 19, 2023

In Enterprise AL the people hail the boll weevil as the "herald of prosperity."

We found an unusual Ronald McDonald in Enterprise.

Enterprise AL is about 50 minutes from Bonifay and has a population of 29,000. It is famous for being the only city with a monument to an insect. Why would they honor a pest that destroyed cotton farming? Enterprise had been struggling with its cotton business for years, but in 1916 the boll weevil infestation caused it to switch from cotton to peanut farming. This led to great prosperity. Many businesses throughout the town have also adopted Boll Weevil sculptures.

Monument to the Boll Weevil

Sally and Mike have moved next to us.

I finished my "winter" puzzle.

Sunny, 75° weather on Wednesday took us to Laguna Beach. It was a beautiful day!

Across from where we parked was Thomas' Donut and Snack Shop.

It would have been rude to not buy something!

We may be in Florida but it can be chilly. Pat was the only one still in shorts Thurs. evening. 
Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, Fl

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