Thursday, February 23, 2023

Creativity is making the marvelous out of the discarded

"Allosauras" by Jim Gary.

Last week we went with Sally and Mike to the Conservation Park near Panama City Beach. I decided my knee was still feeling great after my cortisone shot in Dec. and it was time to bike again. Besides, it was very flat down there. Sally and Mike went hiking and were able to go on some trails that bikes weren't allowed on. The trails we were on were basically roads but it was a beautiful day and pretty scenery. We saw bikers, hikers, strollers, and dog walkers but no alligators.

I've been stuck inside this week but I just had to get out! I had planned a trip to Tallahasse several days ago and our time is running out here. On Weds. we set out for Lake Jackson Mounds, followed by the Tallahasse Museum of History and Natural Science

It was a warm day, in the 80's, but with a wonderful breeze. More flowers are blooming every day.  More than 8 century's ago excavation shows the 7 mounds were part of a village as well as a regional chiefdom.

6 of the original 7 mounds are preserved. This is one of the two complete mounds that are available to the public. 

View from the top.

The 2nd mound available for public viewing. 

The Tallahassee Museum is unique. It is a 52 acre, outdoor, living Museum where history, nature and wildlife come together to tell the story about the region's natural and cultural heritage. It has several areas including historic buildings, educational buildings, zip line courses for adults/kids, and indigenous animals. There is a dinosaur sculpture garden made out of discarded auto parts, and a nature trail including sink holes and butterfly gardens (sadly we had to skip the nature walk).

The Museum told about the loss of long-pine forests and the Turpentine camps of this area.
The buildings in the farm area are original.

Wagon Wheel Pattern wooden quilt block

A sugar cane grinder squeezed the sugar out of the cane. Then it would be boiled to turn it syrupy. 

This barn was originally on the Pitts farm. The family lived in the loft until the house was completed.

As with most houses of this era, the kitchen was separate from the house to protect it from fire.

The Cochin chicken has feathers on his feet.  Looked pretty strange.

The smoke house

a two-seater

Pat thought this might be a Hedge Tree. I'm not sure the balls looked like Hedge apples, but maybe they just weren't ripe?

Notice the axe marks on the logs. The buildings had all bern made by hand. 

"Satellite, are you there?" by Jim Gary, an internationally known sculptor who lived from 1939-2006.

"Tanks a lot"

Signs were posted to tell the name of the dinosaur, size, and other facts. Several asked if you could find particular auto parts in the sculpture.

Can you find the VW Engine Hood?

We had no idea that fox climbed trees. This guy was taking a nap. 

Florida panthers are not black but a tan color.

Pretty sure the one in front was female and the one in back was male. Don't ask how I know!

Two dingoes are visiting the museum for a time. In Australia tamed dingoes were crossed with another breed to become known as two different breeds one of which was the Australia Cattle Dog. Our dog was half Australian Cattle dog and Pat thought she looked a lot like the Dingo.
Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, FL.

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