Tuesday, February 28, 2023

And then there were two...

Sally and Mike (empty spot in the middle) headed towards home Tues. morning. Lisa and Terry, on the right, start home on Weds. On the left, we continue on our journey Weds.

"Every new friend is a new adventure...the start of more memories," Patrick Lindsay.  I wasn't thrilled, to say the least, with our campground when we first arrived in December. The RV park was smaller, the sites were small and close together, and it was not particularly close to the beach, or really anything, or so I thought then! Sometimes, though, things happen where you least expect it. We have met the nicest couple and formed a friendship with Lisa and Terry, travelers from Wisconsin. We are so excited that they will be joining us and Sally and Mike next February in Galveston. Here's to more adventures in years to come!

In the past week or two spring has sprung here! Warm days with a pool to cool off in, and lots of things blooming, trees, roses, azaleas, and more.

Indian Running Ducks stand upright like penguins and run, quite quickly, instead of waddling. They cannot fly and lay 300-350 eggs a year. Fun to watch.

Effects of the freezing weather this year. Hope they survive.

Last week we took a short walk outside of our park in Bonifay.

It seems that most homes have at least one azalea bush.

Pat and I took one last walk around the nearly perfectly round, spring-fed lake (one of only two in the world) in Defuniak Springs. Quite a variety of waterfowl.

An American Coot looks like, but is not a duck.

Muscovy Ducks

Canada Goose

One more trip to Panama City Beach.

With a wall-size mural, Seaside, FL. pays tribute to Vincent Scully, America's greatest historian, and educator of art and architecture. Two of his students created the movement New Urbanism, a principle on which Seaside was formed.

With our 5 year quest to stay in all 48 contiguous states and visit all National Parks within those 48 states, we have spent most of each year on the move. We may stay anywhere from one night to maybe two weeks. So, in the winter when we stay in one spot or at least one area for 3 months, it feels like home. This winter Bonifay is no different and we move on March 1 with mixed feelings.
Where are the Piepers now?  Bonifay, FL.


  1. You 2 are so lucky to be living the dream!

    1. Thank you, we agree that we are blessed! Please remember to leave your name or a clue as to who you are.

  2. Ahhh love to hear about new found friends! Enjoy!!!! Laurie

  3. So glad you guys can live your dream.

    1. Thanks. We have certainly made a lot of memories, if we were only younger so we could remember them all, lol!