Thursday, March 2, 2023

I guess there's more than one way to get your money from an ATM!

This went past us this morning. Hmmm, I thought people just get their money out of the little slot in front!

What an interesting drive the past 2 days! Weds. we saw several triple tows (some call it a double tow), all in states that supposedly don't allow it.  Some of these states may very well have exceptions with special permits, length, etc. I didn't check. I don't even drive the RV, but it still stresses me out in heavy traffic just pulling a car. I seem to never have a camera ready at the right time (on interstates I can actually read some and I'm in the middle of 3 different quilting mystery series) but the first triple tow was impressive with a truck pulling a 5th wheel with a jeep behind it. 

Thursday we hadn't been going long when a car passed us on West I10 in Mississippi with "We have Girl Scout Cookies" in large, colorful letters on the back window.  Once again no picture, but honestly, who wouldn't have been more concerned with the car contents than a picture?  I'm thinking, could I get Pat to catch up with them, maybe they'll stop at a rest area, why didn't they have a phone number on there too so I could call and get them to stop at a rest area...just how my mind was working.

Thank you to our Harvest Host, Fort Bayou Brewery in Ocean Springs, MS for providing us with an overnight parking spot on Weds. Our dinner was excellent!

8 of us stayed at Fort Bayou Brewery.

The Atchafayala Basin Bridge on I10 looks like any other bridge, right? What I can't show you in the picture below is that it is the 3rd longest bridge in the US and the 2nd longest in the interstate system. 

The bridge goes over the Atchafayala swamp. We ate lunch at the beautiful Atchafayala welcome center. I watched a short puppet show while I waited to see a short film that told about the swamp, as well as the birds and animals that live there.

The Atchafayala Basin Bridge, built in 1973, is 18.2 miles long. There are 2 bridges with 2 lanes each west and east.

We appreciate Crying Eagles Brewery, who as a Harvest Host, allowed us to stay Thursday night.

We ordered dinner from the Brewery Bistro.

The beer garden, sheltered from the wind,  was a perfect dinner spot. 

We're waaay back there. 3 more RVs arrived after us. 20+ mph winds kept it cool today despite 85° temperatures. Thunderstorms predicted around midnight.
Where are the Piepers now?  Lake Charles, LA


  1. We’ve stayed a Crying Eagle a couple times. Enjoyed the stay and dinner.