Monday, March 13, 2023

Four busy young ladies...

Italian Lemon Tea Cake

It doesn't seem like we've only been here a week.  We have been so busy! 

For Christmas we gave our 3 sons, and I guess ourselves, a Zoom cooking class with Kelley Cole from Gia's Italian Kitchen. We have watched a couple of other FREE cooking classes with Kelley live on YouTube and really enjoyed them. I highly recommend checking her website out.

Saturday evening we made Italian Lemon Tea Cake, Mushroom Ravioli in Sage Butter Sauce, and Boma's Green Beans with Fennel sauce. We were all busy the entire time but I think we finished in around 2 hours. It was sooo good and I think everyone had a great time! We had a couple of grandkids that helped too. Besides tasting good and being fun the best part was, that although we are separated by distance, Houston (we are visiting there right now), Boston, and Iowa, we got to be together. The funny thing is Chris also gave us a cooking class from Gia's Italian Kitchen at Christmas, so we aren't done. Great minds think alike, although Chris might not agree with that, lol!

Kelley did a great job. She worked with us to set up a day and time that worked with all of us, no easy task, as well as helping us plan the menu. The recipes, a grocery list, and a cooking guide were sent to all of us the week prior to our class. Kelley prepared the recipes right along with us, answering questions as we prepared the dishes. 

Clara enjoyed stirring. 

Toni rolling and cutting the Ravioli noodles.

I was the "crimper."

Mushroom Ravioli in Sage Butter Sauce and Boma's Green Beans with Fennel sauce

Pat and Eric set Kelley's Zoom call up on the TV so we had a good view of Kelley and our other two sons, Chris and Josh, along with Josh's wife Zia and their kids. Bottom left in the back, Samira is busy grating cheese.

Grandpa you have to play, we need someone to be the boy doll. Of course Papa came to the rescue. 

We have been to numerous softball games to watch Lilah, #8 and catcher for the team "Chaos."

Lilah and the LaPorte Junior High Band at the UIL competition. They came away with the "sweepstakes" and a nice trophy.

The band was treated to Peter Piper Pizza but we headed out to a spot Toni wanted to try. It recieved ***** stars from me.

Toni, her parents and us.

A Churro/Oreo creation and BBQ Chicken Cheesy Fries 

Beignets, not quite as good as Cafe Du Monde located in the French Quarter in New Orleans, but still pretty good. 

We took a picnic lunch to school for lunch with Clara.

Lilah was initiated into the Honor Society.

Pat and I had to judge a "bee" drawing contest between Alexa and Clara. Of course they were both winners🏆!

Emma plays the saxophone with the Deer Park Symphonic Winds Community Band. They had their spring concert last Sunday.

Emma had a large following!

Alexa was on a mission to make spring rolls and a special dessert a week ago.

A new experience for Papa and me. Spring Rolls are one of Alexa's favorites.

Alexa did a great job and her Spring Rolls were enjoyed by all.

Circle Park is a favorite.

Maybe he's stuck?

Clara's elementary pizza and BINGO night.

Well, I'm pretty sure we're all tired after our cooking class. This week is spring break for the girls at. What's planned? Sunday is an all-day softball tournament for Lilah, a trip for all if us to the Houston rodeo on Monday, and then a three-day trip to San Antonio for us and all four girls. 

Where are the Piepers now? Houston, TX

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