Monday, February 13, 2023

Road Trip!

Damage from Huricane Ian and Nicole on New Smyrna Beach, FL.

We had a small Super Bowl party with Pat's sister and brother-in-law Sally and Mike. We were so glad that Terry and Lisa from Wisconsin could join us. Go Chiefs!

A road trip took us to New Smyrna Beach, FL last week. My brother and sister-in-law winter there. Went in the car, no RV.  Been a while since we traveled 360 miles in a car. Nice to catch up and we sure enjoyed the beautiful 80° weather. They fixed the best shrimp!

They stay at a community right across the road from the beach.

First time we had seen these temporary water-filled barriers.

Quite a few were putting up wooden barriers, I assume to be back-filled with sand.

Compared to the drop-offs we see in the gulf this beach was so flat. Large waves rolled in a long way.

Dinner at River Deck with my brother and his wife. Wonderful!

Dogs always gravitate to Pat. Maybe they think they can win him over?  Sammy is the best dog!

Returning to Bonifay we stopped in St. Augustine at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. This fort was built by the Spanish, occupied by the British, and then Americans. It is the oldest masonry fortification in the United States, initially completed in 1695 with further construction completed in 1756. It was used as a military prison during the Revolutionary War and at one time held three signers of the Declaration of Independance. Composition was Coquina (limestone). Being light and porous it would seem like a poor choice, but it was similar to styrofoam and cannon balls would simply stick in its thick walls. This was anl very enjoyable stop. It had a lot of historical information. 
The shape of the fort afforded the best protection. 

Writings on the walls are partially worn off but the alphabet may indicate where some soldiers may have been learning their letters.

Pictures of sailing ships were found. 

When the British took over the fort they added additional floors.

Early medicinal supplies. The arrow points to a tool used to drill into the skull.


The decor on cannons would indicate importance information such as where it was made and when.

Looking at St. Augustine.

Spanish flag

Historic area of St. Augustine

Flagler campus

Memorial Presbyterian Church built in 1890. It is open at times for self guided tours. 

The pipes in the choir loft are fake.

The pipes located above on the side are real. In 1890 Henry Flagler selected the Roosevelt 
Organ Co. in New York to install the first organ that had various upgrades. In 1969 a new organ was purchased with 5,000 pipes. The lights are mounted throughout the  on intersecting crosses.

It contains 92 stained glass windows made in New York.

This particular window may be the only Tiffany window.


A fun jigsaw puzzle!
Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, FL

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