Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Been to Boston many times, and as I've said before, always something new to explore!

Looking towards Boston from Georges Island.

Sunday afternoon The School of Honk played on Georges Island. Pat and I got to go too. George's Island is one of several islands in Boston Harbor. It is approximately 50 acres and located 7 miles from downtown Boston. Historic Fort Warren is on the island

Resting and having a snack after we walked a mile to Harvard Square, took the T to downtown Boston  and then walked another mile to the Ferry.

Boston Skyline

Fort Warren

Fort Warren is a Civil War era fort and is the main attraction on Georges Island. It is a National Historic Landmark. To protect Boston, building began in 1833 and the fort was nearly obsolete when it was completed more than 25 years later. The exterior was covered in dirt to protect it from enemy fire. During the Civil War it was used as a training facility for Union soldiers and housed confederate prisoners. It operated as harbor defense through WWII and was decommissioned in 1947.  They have various events such as reenactments, music, and once we saw a baseball game (on the parade grounds). This was our third trip to Georges Island and we still found new spots to explore.  

It was designed for over 200 guns. 

I'm pretty sure Cyrus and Samira checked out every square inch of the large fort.

Looked to be a watch tower, maybe added later?

Lighthouse on Little Brewster Island

Deer Island houses Boston's waste water treatment plant.

Some places were pretty dark.

Others were very dark.  A small slit in the ceiling.

It was known for it's granite archways.

Josh said this large area housed the rec hall during WWII.

At various spots we noticed a group of 4-6 older boys singing (not English). After we came out of a large area in the fort, which had some great acoustics, we heard this.

1800 games on the parade grounds.

The play structure was a fort.

Cyrus reminded me of Wilson from the show Home Improvement.

The school of Honk played a few numbers at the play ground and then marched around the grounds.

Josh is toward the center with a trumpet (actually my Dad's) and a hat with polka-dot buttons (the bands signature attire).

Samira checked out the chilly water at the rock beach. We were here for Josh's company picnic once and had a camp-fire and s'mores on the beach.

Hadn't found this  before.  Steps to a window we climbed through, only to go down a long hallway with rooms on each side and no exit (below).

Fenced off, we thought this might have been an addition in later years.

Seepage from the rock.

The moat use to have a bridge in this area going to the fort.

The School of Honk entertained those waiting for the last Ferry. We arrived before 1:00 and explored until our 5:00 departure. It was hot, 90's and we all had a great time, but we were sure tired!

The trombones lined the top of the play fort.

Many of the band members sat on top of the ferry and entertained for the 45 minute return trip.

Samira played with the band on the way back.  

From our 2013 trip to Georges Island:

Didn't see a single Cannon this time.

The baseball game on the parade grounds.

Where are the Piepers now? Cambridge, MA

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