Monday, August 1, 2022

New Hampshire: Proud of what their mountain no longer has

The Old Man of the Mountain on Canon Mountain near Flaconia, NH.  It was comprised of 5 natural ledges and visible from the North. You don't see it, you say?  Click the link to read the rest of the story. 

Originally we planned to drive the remaining 5 hours of our trip with the kids, from Lancaster, NH to Sutton, NH, in one day.  Based on a past couple of longer days, Pat recommended we leave Lancaster one day early and go half way on Thursday.  GREAT PLAN! 

We stopped at a trail head along the road near Franconia, NH for lunch. I was hoping for some grass the kids could run in to get out some energy.  It was so much better. A clear creek to wade in and they got to use their bug nets.  

From the parking lot we had a view of the Old Man on Cannon Mountain.  Only, he fell off on May 3, 2003! They must have been proud of it because they have a memorial elsewhere, and the state road signs still have the outline of the old man on them. 

I wasn't too impressed by this picture of the Old Man of the Mountain, but I didn't invest a lot of time looking for a better one!

Cyrus and Samira with their green nets. With the clear water, great reflections.

Samira caught one tadpole.  Well, actually someone else caught it and she recaught it.

The pool at Cozy Pond in Webster, NH, according to Samira, was not heated and had a lot of bugs in it. Also, no one to play with.  She didn't stay long.

A nice playground though

On a path we found a cute fairy garden. 

Friday we celebrated our final night of camping with one last fire, hot dogs, and s'mores.

We had to drive across the covered bridge to our site. 

They were naturally anxious to get home Saturday after 3 weeks on the road so they declined Saturday's candy bar Bingo at the campground. We played our own candy Bingo version with m & m's on Friday night.
Where are the Piepers now? Boston, MA

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