Thursday, August 4, 2022

Do you ever wish people would leave you alone?

I guess 6 year-old Samira feels that way sometimes too!

Go back to 2018, when Boston had its hottest first week of August on record. Our entire family gathered there to be together, see the sights, and well, sweat--a lot. We had a great time, but boy was it hot the entire week!  At the bottom of this post are some pictures of our adventures in 2018.

First week of Aug., 2022: 92, 92, 85, 98, 95.  Are Pat and I the common denominator???  Unfortunately, it's that hot or more in many places throughout the country. 90's in Iowa and southern Texas. Of course, that's probably cool in Houston for August.

Mass transit is the mode of travel in Boston.  The "T" subway and bus system are great.  Back to 2018, hottest day of that hot week (near 100°), near 5p.m. (rush-hour), and a subway train breaks down in route, doors remain closed (seemed like forever) because part of the train is in a tunnel, no power=no air-conditioning, and aboard, a midwesterner who is claustrophobic! Zia, Samira, and I were on that train. I was the reason the medical emergency button was pushed, but pretty sure everyone else was more than happy to get out too!😁 People were so kind, offering water to the children and such. And, yes, I still take the "T".

Zia recommended a chocolate store, EHChocolatier, that is only a few blocks from their house. Artisan chocolates, too close for comfort!😉

I selected a few from the meltaway collection. They were vegan and thus dairy free. They were very good! I still shared with everyone.

We left Boston this past Weds. and went back to our RV in Sutton, MA. After having guests for a few weeks we had to take care of some housekeeping before we move to our next campground on Friday. We will be staying at Canoe Rental Campground in Mansfield, MA for 3 weeks and until we leave the Boston area. We did head to Legoland of Boston before we left. They had some amazing Lego replicas of Boston.

We just got a "little" wet.

Samira and Grandpa's legs on one of two rides.

J. P. Licks for dessert.

Samira and I went for a walk to Dinosasaur park late in the afternoon. We saw the Hollyhock below. It seems that even though yards are generally very tiny, most have an abundance of flowers.

When we went to Boston in 2018 we packed a LOT into 5 or 6 days. We saw and did so many fun things, ate a lot, and enjoyed the hospitality of Josh and Zia. We tried to take in at least one thing that each of us wanted to do plus more.

The ducks honor Robert McCloskey who wrote and illustrated Make Way for Ducklings, a story about a pair of Mallards who raise their ducklings on a lagoon in Boston Public Gardens.

We have all of our "ducks" in a row!

We took the "T," but we did a lot of walking...

...even in the rain.

Boston Common's Frog Pond is a large wading pool complete with a fountain.  In the winter it is used for ice skating. Lots of people there on a hot day. 

The Swan Boats were also in Boston Public Gardens.

Touching the "lucky" foot on the John Harvard statue. 

Playground at Cambridge Common near Harvard Square.

New England Aquarium

whale watching

candlepin bowling and pizza

Museum of Fine Arts.  Looks like they were all intensely studying the painting. 

We made a stop, OK more than one, at L. A. Burdick Chocolates in Harvard Square.  I'm not sure there are finer chocolates anywhere!

Emma, Lilah, and Alexa got to March in a festival with The School of Honk and Uncle Josh. 

Josh gave Lilah the trumpet she was playing and she ended up playing trumpet in band. 

Toni wanted to experience the food of Boston. This is Clover Food Lab a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

J. P. Licks

Waiting for sandwiches at Sam LaGrassa's. It had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fiera.

We celebrated 5 August Birthdays

We also enjoyed just being together.

Clara and Samira

Josh's famous homemade pizza

Where are the Piepers now?  Sutton, MA

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