Wednesday, August 31, 2022

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." -- Forest Gump

Samira's first solo with Honk this past Sunday, the 28th.

Just a few things here and there as we end our time in Boston.

A quote, that turned out to be a poem, caught my attention. It was located in front of the Cambridge Bourdeau Library branch. I love cities that highlight local artists so I did a little research. 

The sidewalk poetry contest began in Cambridge in 2015. They combine highlighting local talent, with sidewalk repair. Submissions are requested in the spring and several poems are selected from all age groups (this year it was 5,  with 5 runners-up) with the top 5 being stamped into the sidewalk. Our son's neighbor, Charles Coe, is an accomplished poet, writer, and over-all advocate for the arts. I noticed this year he was one of the runner-ups. I contacted him to see if he had a poem stamped somewhere in Cambridge. "No," he said, but a few years ago he had one in Boston.

Back to research! Boston began it's program Raining Poetry on the Streets of Boston in 2016. Short poems are stenciled on with a bio-degradable water-spray and last 6-8 weeks. The neat thing? They are hidden during dry weather and magicly appear when it starts to rain. 

A poem titled 9 Below in Cambridge, weathered and a little hard to read. 

In 2017 Charles Coe had his poem entitled Mnemonic stenciled on the sidewalk in several places in Boston.

Samira's  loose tooth fell out at swimming lessons

Once again I am easily amused. The entire Target store was on the second floor above a parking garage. You pushed your cart onto the conveyer belt inbetween the escalators for a ride down. 

On July 21st the School of Honk paraded around Paul Revere Park and the adjacent North Point Park in Boston. It was a hot day but the shade and breeze made it a great day to be out. To get to the park we had to cross the locks. We got to see a boat enter one the locks but didn't stay long enough to watch them lower the boat. The sidewalk swung out of the way when boats entered.

Paul Revere Park

Samira practicing the melodica before the parade.

North Point Park

Dinner after the parade at Clover's in Harvard Square. We were tired!  We rode the T and still walked a lot. It was a 20,000+ step day.

I got a box of chocolates but I picked them out so I did know what I was getting!

 Obviously we really enjoy the School of Honk. The 28th was the last performance we'd get to see. 

On the 28th Honk began in the Park in Cambridge Commons, my favorite park. Lots of history on display and an amazing playground. They paraded to Harvard.

Cyrus enjoyed a Minecraft book when the band stopped to play at Harvard. Earns him pom-poms toward screen time. 

I've seen a lot of Little Free Libraries but this one in Cambridge was unique. One drawer was for kids, one adults...
Where are the Piepers now? Mansfield, MA

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