Friday, September 2, 2022

Old MacDonald had a farm ee i ee i o ...

and on his farm he had a horse,

and mini horses,

and donkeys,

and goats,

and camels, a well-fed potbelly pig, turkeys, alpaca, peacocks, chickens and probably more.

Thank you to Clover Hill Farms in Wallkill, NY for being our Harvest Host Wednesday night. The donkey and I had a good visit! Yes, I used to talk to the cows every day on my bike rides back in Iowa too! Every time we go out of the RV here we have goats following us.

We want to once again thank our Thursday night Harvest Host, The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey.  We spent a night here back in Sept. of 2020.

After a wine tasting house on right) we selected Firefly, a Red Table Wine. Not sure what we got last time. It was at the height of Covid so no taste testing. I think they passed your purchases through a window. Red barn is the Brewery.

Another "it's a small world moment." While we were staying at our son's in Boston, our RV stayed at Canoe River Campground in Mansfield, MA. A few days ago Pat got an email from another Palazzo owner that we met at Columbia Falls RV Park in Columbia Falls, MT LAST summer. Joe and his wife were also at Canoe River Campground! We came back to our RV Tues. (30th) and had a brief visit. Unfortunately we leave the area Weds. because a longer visit would have been welcomed. We did get to share a few tips with each other, but would like to have heard more of their travels. They currently live in FL, but like us, they are traveling for 5 years looking for other places they might want to live for part of the year.

Before we left Boston Tues. we took a walk to Lowell Park, or as the kids call it, "little park." 

We watched this lift being unloaded and then watched it unload the materials.  Neither of us had seen a lift that had all 3 wheels that turned 90° so it could actually moved sideways. 

Lowell School was built in 1883.  It is the only surviving wood-frame school in Cambridge. It currently houses apartments and a gallery.

Can you see our 2 monkeys? One went up a little further than my comfort level! 

Where are the Piepers now? Hershey, PA🍫

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