Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pick-up, set-up, pick-up, set-up....

Ottumwa, IA 95°, Indianapolis maybe 70° -- what a change! Indianapolis Thurs. night was just plain cold. 

We saw at least 3 different hummingbirds at my mother-in-law's feeder.

We are headed straight to Gaffney, SC. Straight there for us, of course, means 4 nights at around 200 miles a day.

Night 1: Kamp Komfort, Carlock, IL

Night 2: Lake Haven, Indianapolis, IN

Bonfire Street ran perpendicular to Smores Lane.

We couldn't have stayed on a better named street!

Night 3: Wildside Winery, Versailles, IL

A wonderful spot to spend the night! Our Harvest Host for the night, and our winery hostess and owner, Elisha Holt, was so welcoming.  Elisha bought the winery in 2020.  Great service and over 40 different variety of wine make it a great place to visit.

Beautiful cable-stayed Lewis and Clark Bridge on I-65 crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky.

Following the bridge was the Drumanard Tunnel constructed to take I-65 under the historic Drumanard estate.

Built in 1929 was the 47 acre  wooded Drumanard Estate. The state bought the property for 8.3 million and fought the 1983 Federal Historic status, which would have let them demolish the property and build a bridge and approach. Hmmm, what did it end up costing to bore below and build the tunnels?

Kentucky: horses and Bourbon

Thank you to our Harvest Host Thurs. night.

You can barely see the top of our RV on the right.

Some wines are bourbon barrel aged.

We chose the double gold medal winner.

Sachem Butterfly

Cabbage White Butterfly

Night 4: Crazy Bastard Brewing West, Knoxville, TN

Parking was easy in and out in a paved parking lot. Ended up with 5 of us staying there over night. I can't drink carbonated beverages and Pat passed on the beer but the pizza, Hole in the Wall Pizza, was great. Name? You ordered the pizza at the bar amd they literally passed it out to you from a whole in the wall.

Night 5: Sunday we arrived at our destination, Gaffney, South Carolina. Stay tuned for our adventures there, including one that required duct tape.

Where are the Piepers now? Dreher Island State Park, Prosperity S. C.

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